The ApoE4.Info Podcast: Episode 1

Terry Wahls, MD: Heal Neurodegeneration w/ Paleo Principles

Dr. Terry Wahls joins Julie Gregory to share her personal story of triumph over secondary progressive multiple sclerosis using a diet and lifestyle regimen guided by paleo principles. She discusses the overlap between multiple sclerosis and ApoE4 and shares specific strategies that can help ApoE4 carriers mitigate their risk of neurodegenerative disease. Additionally, Dr. Wahls shares her latest research, how her protocol has changed, and provides an overview of her new book, The Revised, Expanded Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Autoimmune Conditions, available now.


New book: The Revised, Expanded Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Autoimmune Conditions

TEDx Talk: Minding Your Mitochondria


Research and published papers

Supporting articles


Twitter and especially Eat This Every Day

Previous books:

The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles (2014)
The Wahls Protocol Cooking For Life (2017)

Show Notes

2:27 – Dr. Wahls tells her story, how she went from a conventional medicine doctor skeptical of special diets and supplements to where she is now: a functional medicine doctor dedicated to research and teaching others on the importance of food to heal. The transformation occurred as result of being diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which put her in a tilt recline wheelchair for four years. Today she rides her bike to work.
7:17 – From practicing conventional medicine to practicing functional medicine.
8:08 – The overlap between MS and ApoE4. How autoimmunity affects the brain.
10:00 – Microglia dysfunction and ApoE4, stimulating inflammation.
10:50 –Protocol improves clearances which benefits brain health overall, not just for MS.
11:24 – Since Ted Talk in 2011, so much research has come out supporting the effects of food. Sugar turns on disease promoting genes and vegetables turn on health promoting genes. Plus the importance of stress reduction, exercise, and the microbiome.
13:00 – The importance of poop and feeding our microbiome.
14:20 – On the microbiome and how the microbiome is different in those with disease. The importance of a diversity of microbes.
16:18 – Thoughts on carnivore diet.
18:01 – Key parts of Wahls Protocol. Her original Paleo diet which focused on what to remove has been tweaked.
19:36 – The four diet plans, depending on the individual’s situation: Vegetarians/Vegans, Meat Eaters, Ketogenic, Lower Lectins.
20:50 – Julie on the first time members of met Dr. Wahls and how Dr. Wahls impressed the group by achieving so much success with few lab tests.
21:36 – Dr. Wahls on why an extensive panel of labs is not necessary.
23:00 – Importance of behavior change, admittedly hard, but can’t do the diet 70%, must be 100% dedicated for at least 100 days.
25:00 – On the new book, which revises protocol. More information on histamine, oxalates, lectins, fasting, time restricted feeding, stem cells (externally and internally).

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