Bredesen's Book is available in BOOKSTORES and online!

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Re: Bredesen's Book is available in BOOKSTORES and online!

Postby Orangeblossom » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:42 am

"Fortunately, some of the most powerful interventions, which I think are good for overall health are free. Reducing carbs, eliminating grains and sugar, getting more exercise and intermittent fasting are all things that individuals can do on their own. I heard many expert speakers at a conference on brain health saying they believe that exercise is the number one thing most people can do to protect and improve cognition. I am focusing on the benefits that these interventions can provide. "Doing some" seems a much better option than "doing none", even if i can't "do it all"!
That said, I am shutting off the computer and going out for a long walk."

Yes, I'm similar...focusing on what I am doing and not the things I'm not...or things I can't access at the moment. I also find the primer on this site less overwhelming than that book- and useful. Also, those things can even save money, as eating less! So even though may be buying something like avocados, because eating less overall it can save money.

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Re: Bredesen's Book is available in BOOKSTORES and online!

Postby circular » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:51 pm

KatieS wrote:When my pharmacy switched me from Vivelle to the generic estradiol patch by Sandoz, I anticipated more problems keeping the patch on, but the opposite occurred. Now I can swim three hours a week, sauna, sweat, tight jeans, etc...and the patch never comes loose. I'm delighted that I no longer have to tape or remove the patch before swimming. I apply on my outer fatty part of the buttocks as fat might modulate the absorption rate (?)

Hi Katie! I thought even if the patch stays on in sauna we weren’t supposed to wear it in one because the hormone will release faster in the heat? My insurance only covers Alora. I’d like to use it in the sauna but am afraid it would increase absorption even if it stays on. My backup was to take a sauna the two days a week I replace it after taking the old off and putting the new on. But then it’s hard for me to adhere to any schedule whatsoever given the disarray my life is in.
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Re: RE: Re: Bredesen's Book is available in BOOKSTORES and online!

Postby Stavia » Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:49 pm

Bettylacy wrote:Katie and Stavia- This is an important discussion on hormones. Having been to 2 of Anne Hathaway's lectures this year, I'm committed to getting my hormonal health optimized and it is far from that. I've been using transdermal cream and from the sounds of your discussion this is one reason my hormones are low, so I think I should go on the patch. My only reticence was headaches and Estrogen dominance years ago despite Progesterone. Can you 2 tell me your doses, please. i am leaning into using the Sandoz patch because I too swim, sauna and hot tub 2-3 Xs /week and wear tight jeans, and bike. I am sensitive to latex tho, so will have to see if that is a problem. Once I begin how many weeks do I need to wait till I can check my blood level? Oh and when do I test blood with a patch?
Betty I am on a 50mcg patch. I anchor it with Tegaderm to stop my jeans from rubbing it off. I go in my hot tub most days. I test in the middle or end of the 3 1/2 day patch life and my levels range between my 150 and 200picomols. (about 40 to 60 of your units). I'm happy with the bit of variation. I dont think its necessary to have to achieve a rigidly set blood level.
Any lower and I find the urogenital atrophy an issue.

I reckon you could do a blood test after 2 weeks ie 4 or 5 patches. But a month should be heaps of time to achieve steady state.

I have a Mirena which Anne doesn't like but I don't tolerate 100mg of progesterone which is needed for uterine protection. I am playing around with 25mg progesterone currently for sleep and other possible cognitive benefits but find after 2 to 3 weeks it accumulates and I start to feel sedated. I think I may settle on 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

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Re: Bredesen's Book is available in BOOKSTORES and online!

Postby KatieS » Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:20 pm

Cir, maybe the release of hormone from the sauna is not as much per this this contraceptive study found only a clinically insignificant 12% variance with hot tubs, swimming, etc.. combinations. I have the Climara weekly patches, which might be more affected than my current Sandoz bi-weekly applications.

BettyLacy, I am on the 0.025 patch on the less sensitive, but more fatty buttock skin. With my current patches, they never come off despite swimming or sweating for hours. Perhaps, start low and confirm you are within range.

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Re: Bredesen's Book is available in BOOKSTORES and online!

Postby SusanJ » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:35 pm

BettyLacy, like Katie, I'm also on the Sandoz 0.025. Last test I tested at 50, which I'm happy with at the moment. Have only had it come off once in the 11 months I've been using them, but I was sitting in my jetted tub with a jet blasting right at it, so no surprise.

I think that Hathaway suggested in her slides to test at the middle of the estrogen patch application, and at the end of your progesterone.

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Re: Bredesen's Book is available in BOOKSTORES and online!

Postby Bettylacy » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:40 am

THanks Susan and everyone for weighing in on the hormones. I am already feeling better with increasing my transdermal dose. I have my appt. tomorrow. Planning to switch to the patch this week.
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