URGENT: Biomarker Study Opportunity for ApoE4.Info Members

Including yourself, how many people from your family do you think are likely to enroll?

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Re: URGENT: Biomarker Study Opportunity for ApoE4.Info Members

Postby Renorap » Sun Aug 23, 2020 1:07 am

It appear that I am a little late to participate in this study. I have known about my apoe 4/4 since 2008. I have been taking supplements since I was in my 20's and have take many supplements based on my own research. I am currently reading the latest Bredesen book on the program. Thinking about taking the blood tests and starting the program. I am 74 and just doing great having retired from the SFPD and still an active member of the State Bar.

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Re: URGENT: Biomarker Study Opportunity for ApoE4.Info Members

Postby Trailrunner » Sat Aug 29, 2020 12:29 pm

Hi Julie,
I would also love to participate in the Biomarker Study. It would only be me participating.

Thank you,

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Re: URGENT: Biomarker Study Opportunity for ApoE4.Info Members

Postby NF52 » Tue Sep 01, 2020 7:16 am

Trailrunner wrote:Hi Julie,
I would also love to participate in the Biomarker Study. It would only be me participating.

Thank you,
Hello again, Helen!

Thank you for your interest in participating in this study. As it turns out, this survey of interest in a study got lots of interest. It became a study involving a few doctors using the Bredesen protocol with their patients, and I think the results may be available later this year.

As someone who, like you, is also ApoE 4/4 and has participated in a clinical study and knows several women who have also done so, you may want to consider other studies for participation. Some are "observational" trials, looking at online or in-person data from thousands of people to learn more about healthy aging and better identify which indicators of change may be most important to track. Some of those may share information with participants; others may share some, but not all data. More and more, study sponsors are realizing that people want to be active participants and gain as much information as possible while participating in a trial, so expect to find more, rather than less information as new trials begin.

Here are some that might be of interest to you:

The All of Us Research Program is sponsored by the National Institute of Health: All of Us is
inviting one million people across the U.S. to help build one of the most diverse health databases in history. We welcome participants from all backgrounds. Researchers will use the data to learn how our biology, lifestyle, and environment affect health. This could help them develop better treatments and ways to prevent different diseases.

The Alzheimer's Association spends millions each year to support research on prevention and treatment of AD, and has a Trial Match of studies that include non-drug trials. You can read more here:
Trial Match

The Alzheimer's Clinical Trial Consortium (ACTC) is a network of dozens of academic research centers collaborating to accelerate research, with funding from the National Institute on Aging (NIA/NIH). They have an online Alzheimer's Prevention Trial web study called for people who are 50 years or older. You can find information about it here: APT Webstudy Welcome (Full disclosure: I am on the Research Participant Advisory Board for the ACTC, although I am not in any ACTC-sponsored clinical trial.)

To search for clinical trials (large and small) by your region, try the advanced search function on the NIH Clinical Trials website. Each trial has detailed information about its purpose, the criteria to join and contacts for study sites. Clinical Trials.gov

And since I know you've been eager to join the NorCal meet-ups, and mentioned that you live in Santa Clara, I hope that the fires in your area are getting under control and the risk to life and property is receding. When my husband has to text a family member in your area to find out how close the evacuation orders are, it's scary!
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