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Re: Check out our new podcast

Postby DebbieG » Fri Apr 17, 2020 5:25 pm

floramaria wrote:And in the podcast, he commented on people who have high HDL cholesterol and low triglycerides probably having good plasminogen levels.
Do those plasmologens not get to the brain?
From the excellent show notes :
34:38 Dr G – Plasmalogens are made in the peroxisomes of our body. If you have high HDL and low triglyceride levels, that’s usually an indicator of good plasmalogen levels. The plasmalogens are transported on HDL particles in the body. There’s a correlation, those with high plasmalogens have high HDL.

He also said "The essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, act as peroxisome stimulators". As I think I understand it (sort of, incompletely), plasmalogens are created by the peroxisomes and transported to the brain via HDL under normal conditions. Through diet and supplementation with DHA and EPA, we stimulate the peroxisomes to make plasmalogens, as opposed to sending plasmalogens in any significant amounts to the brain intact from a dietary source. And APOE4s need higher levels of plasmalogens to start with, but our poor cholesterol transport makes cells get stiffer over time and peroxisome plasmalogen production degrades as this happens.

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