New Pre-Clinical Assessment Differentiates E4

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New Pre-Clinical Assessment Differentiates E4

Postby circular » Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:08 am

Test Tracks Preclinical Functional Decline

"Since the researchers measured no biomarkers to confirm that Alzheimer's was behind these early changes, they used ApoE4 status as a proxy. While the differences were less stark than between progressors and non-progressors, the partner CFIs did differentiate ApoE carriers and non-carriers by three years into the study...

"This is a really important contribution to the field,” said Jessica Langbaum of Banner Alzheimer's Institute in Phoenix. That the CFI requires no interview is a major plus, she added. Langbaum and other scientists of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative (API) and Novartis are still deciding which patient-reported outcomes to use in the API ApoE4 trial." ... al-decline
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Re: New Pre-Clinical Assessment Differentiates E4

Postby MarcR » Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:18 pm

Fascinating. I wonder if/how this instrument could be made available to us for independent use. It sounds like an easy, objective way of monitoring disease progress over time. It also seems like it could be a helpful early warning sign for people who do not have any reason to expect AD - everyone could get a handle on AD by taking a five minute survey annually from middle age on.
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