Biogen's promising Alzheimer's drug advances to Phase 3 trial

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Re: Biogen's promising Alzheimer's drug advances to Phase 3 trial

Postby Julie G » Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:52 pm

Thanks for sharing, Gene. I wonder how common it is to skip Phase 2 trials and move straight on to Phase 3?

To recap, Phase 1 included 166 patients with mild Alzheimer's symptoms. Those taking the higher doses had a small, but statistically significant improvement in cognition (using two assesments) compared to placebo. Even more encouraging; the longer patients were on the med, the greater the difference in cognition between the two groups. This is the first time an anti-amyloid agent improved cognition.

Unfortunately for us, E4 carriers were more likely to develop side effects that prohibited them from taking the higher doses :? Still an important and exciting trial that MAY bode well for all of Banner's anti-amyloid trials. I'll be paying close attention to all. ... 1426844101

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