Alzheimer's Afternoons Seminar Series Summaries

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Re: Alzheimer's Afternoons Seminar Series Summaries

Postby aphorist » Wed May 27, 2020 11:55 am

Good thoughts. Yea, I'm catching up on some of these seminars and now going back over some of my old notes -- with a particular focus on cholesterol metabolism. There certainly won't be a single bullet, given the complexity of the matter.

I thought the Efavirenz Rik was talking about was interesting. One slide he had on his initial chemical screen showed Berberine as being a very effective compound against Alzheimer's. Berberine seems to have a lot of the traits required to normalize cholesterol metabolism, but it's apparently got significant genotoxic risk associated with it.

Hopefully I can get through all this material and maybe we can discuss it further at some point when I'm caught up to where you are.

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