ketones may impair cognitive function?

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ketones may impair cognitive function?

Postby johnseed » Tue Jan 12, 2021 2:30 pm

A recent episode of Ben Greenfield's podcast ... much-more/

with Drs Matt Dawson and Mike Mallin included the following, has there been any discussion about this on Is this information correct?

26 minutes: “Studies are showing that just like metabolically, some people benefit from ketones more than others, that’s actually true in the brain as well, neuronal ketone utilisation and cognitive response to ketosis vary based on specific genetic factors. So, specifically there’s a protein called insulin degrading enzyme and another one called interleukin 1B, both of those SNPs correlate with insulin levels and a clinical response to ketones in AD patients and what’s amazing is, if you’ve got the wrong genes, you’re actually not just not going to have an effect cognitively from ketones , you actually have a worse effect cognitively … so eating ketones your cognitive function actually decreases with Alzheimer’s….

So, those who have higher levels of IO1B or lower levels of IDE, actually seem to have less response cognitively to ketones.
And I'll tell you the SNPs real quick, just so if your listeners are interested. So, IDE, the SNP is RS2251101, and if you've got a T there specifically homozygous TT, you'll have lower insulin levels, increase ketone body metabolism and thus cognitive improvement with ketone use. For IO1B, it's RS1143627 that's a T and then RS16944, that's a C. And you'll have also decreased insulin, increased ketone body metabolism, and in constant improvement as well…

This is really cool because this is basically where we start getting to use genomics as a predictive model for who's going to respond to a specific neuro optimization tool, such as ketones.”

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Re: ketones may impair cognitive function?

Postby Tincup » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:30 pm

Interesting, I'm 1/3, good on IDE, not on the other two. I don't consume MCT's, ketone salts or esters. However, I can make material quantities of endogenous BHB (been >8.0 mmol/L on some extended fasts). I also generally test between 0.5-1.0 on a morning test when I'm not doing extended fasting (carb intake can be 80-180g/day). Subjectively, with regards to cognition, I can't tell the difference between 0.0 and 8.0 mmol/L. I do know it makes a difference with the rest of the body as I transition to extended fasting without any "keto-flu." I've been keto adapted since Oct 2009 and never had to readapt.

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