AI Alzheimer Diagnosis?

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AI Alzheimer Diagnosis?

Postby J11 » Mon Jan 25, 2021 6:21 pm

Has anyone heard of or tried AI AD diagnostic software?
Wonder how reliable it might be.

My online source mentions the software: XRVision Sentinel AI platform, IBM Watson and LIWC2015 Text Analysis.
Would any of them realize how important such a technology could be for dementia, behavior monitoring etc.?
An Industry of the Future!

I have seen mention online of how there is an AI psychiatric diagnostic filter.
This could be a revolutionary development for psychiatric monitoring.
Think of basically having an expertly trained mental health professional 24/7 watching your every move.
Perhaps mental health problems in relation in trouble in coping with life concerns will no longer progress to frank
mental illness.

I have witnessed in my own personal life experience how there can be a near infinite lack of awareness of where the line of
normal is and when it is crossed and sometimes left miles behind. How many times have those with alcohol problems simply had
no insight into how far off the wagon they were. Some of the online videos where DUI drivers are asked to walk a straight line are truly shocking: and they're behind the wheel?

For dementia this could be a real game changer for ongoing community assessment. If all you need is a video feed and transcript to make valid AD assessments, then perhaps very early stage illness could be discovered and potentially treated.

Any information on this topic is welcome.

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