Need input into my lipids please

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Re: Need input into my lipids please

Postby SoCalGuy » Mon Dec 16, 2019 2:23 pm

jkramer65 wrote:HI, I was told I'm a hyperabsorber and was told to try Plant Sterols/Stanols. But if I hyperabsorb doesn't that mean I have high levels of sterols? I'm confused. Do those work? Wouldn't Zetia be better? I've read stuff about Plant Sterols actually causing harm. Help!

I've never dealt with sterols but I do recall it being referenced in Peter Attia's podcast with Tom Dayspring. I think this is the episode you want - it clocks in at just over one hour. You can forward to the 39 minute mark to get to the relevant content.

Looking back at some notes I took I believe you are correct. My notes suggest Dayspring said to avoid plant sterols if you are a hyperabsorber. Zetia can be used to block absorption. I also see reference to Benecol which is not readily absorbed like a plant sterol.

You can listen for yourself. I hope this helps!


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