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JJ 007
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Hello APOE4 Forum

Postby JJ 007 » Fri May 06, 2016 3:11 am

Hi there.

I just wanted to say hello. Its great to find this forum, as I have been terrified by my genetics results.
I did a test out of interest, but was quite interested in the AD risk, as I have a family history of AD (Paternal grandmother, had galloping AD) and my Mum, developed early onset AD, in her early 50's (if not before). I thought I would be okay if I had APOE, as the PSEN were the ones I was mostly worried about, with Mum in mind. But I was shocked, when I found the E4!

I am JJ, currently sitting at my desk at work in England on a sunny day!
I have a beautiful baby daughter, she is 18 months old. I am (A4/E3) and many other risk factors.

I feel like I have symptoms already.
I was always sharp, memory in particular, it got me ahead at work etc and I got A's in education etc.
But now, in particular from one minute to the next, I can forget what I was doing, thinking, about to say.
Things like, going to a file on my computer, then having to trace my steps back, to remember what I was going to do.
Forgetting straight away, something I have literally just planned to do.
Words too (probably most concerning for me), I say the wrong words, (calling a yellow bag, white) or not being able to find a word, it makes me nervous socially, as I worry that I will say the wrong thing. It seems to be worse when I'm anxious.
Even if I say the right word, I sometimes don't recognise it, (wonder if it was the right word or not).
I cant trust myself to remember anything at all, so I have lists, notes etc. I can still learn info okay, as long as I process it.
Still okay with faces etc.

I am only 34. So this shouldn't be happening. But my Mum did have signs very early too.

Hubbie thinks I'm paranoid. He is dismissive re: the genes, as says we are all going to die anyway and live for now etc and he doesn't think it really means anything.
I do understand what he means "live for today" etc, but I have such a strong desire to do something about it and I feel so sure that my brain is not working properly already, which he is in denial about.
It makes it hard to try this diet too, as he wants to go out and drink/eat etc.

We don't have a prevention centre in the UK, so I'm just trying to find somewhere to go, to see a clinician. No joy yet.
Thank god for Stavia and that info on here.
PS: I am 5,3 and weigh about 9.5 stone (62Kilos) have never been too bad with sugar, (don't like sweet things) apart from Chocolate. So have moved onto Dark, low sugar now. I do drink a bit (2 beers, (400ml) approx 3 x a week) and then 3 glasses of wine 1 day too. So will cut down on that. Non smoker. Was fit once, starting that again now!

Thank you for listening :) x
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Re: Hello APOE4 Forum

Postby Silverlining » Fri May 06, 2016 3:27 am

Welcome JJ! The prevention strategies listed on this site can be very helpful with the brain fog...be sure to read one of our newer member's post outlining her reversible of cognitive decline after improving her diet, etc. Her post is here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2225

Maybe your husband will be interested in reading it as well. In my opinion, he has a point about living for today; we can't get so caught up in our fight for the future that we miss the beauty in front of us, but it needs with balanced with practicalities and addressing current issues. Be of good cheer and take baby steps to improve your diet, lifestyle, etc. You will be encouraged by the results! Take care!

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Re: Hello APOE4 Forum

Postby Starfish77 » Fri May 06, 2016 9:15 am

JJ, welcome on board. The article Silverlining mentions is so inspiring about our newer member dealing with brain fog through improving her diet and other changes. Stavia has done an excellent job in her introductions for newcommers. We have all benefited from her ability to communicate scientific information in terms we can understand. All those baby steps will put you on the path to better health.
Best wishes,

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