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Working on simplifying a beginning protocol with specifics and biggest bang for bucks

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:41 am
by drae
I am working on coming up with some specifics to initiate *habit practice* coinciding with the coming new 12-month year. (I know you are surprised!)

Looking for highest impact choices. Since I do not have testing results to work from, the aim is to hit the high points that would generally help, not harm.

1) MEDITATION: My personal non-negotiable is morning devotions, which helps me in so many ways but I need to work on consistency, so, list it first because it comes first in importance.

My top 3 new priorities, that I plan to make sure I do every day in January, even the days when not much else gets done:

2) SLEEP: Wear my blue-light blocker glasses from after dinner to bedtime, wear a sleep mask while sleeping (until I can block all light).

3) EXERCISE: Walk 30 minutes per day 6 days per week.

4) FOOD: work on increasing eggs, good fats and at least 3 veggie colors per meal.

My next 3, just because I can not seem to stop with three and these seem like maximum impact for general improvement

5) BRAIN TRAINING: Do 90 minutes per week minimum of BrainHQ exercises, using their suggestions.

6) DENTAL: Brush/floss/mouthwash morning and evening using the good toothpaste (livionex) and mouthwash (Listerine ultraclean - I was in a study where the dentists were very impressed.) I believe also the unwaxed floss is recommended but cannot remember why.

7) SUPPLEMENTS: This is the tricky one. I have been taking a B100-complex which really makes a difference (more energy, just feel much better), some cal-mag-zinc (I tested lowest ever on minerals and get leg cramps among other things), and, some fish oil (just cause). Periodically, have taken some others but not committed to them. Definitely need to rethink all these in light of new info and testing. Thinking particularly of adding MCT oil. Hoping to learn enough to settle on a few basics to buy in the next couple weeks to add some value until I get testing and specific suggestions.

Some of this is a repeat from previous posts (sorry!) but I am trying to get it down to a simple list I can hang on the wall and work from daily to get some progress started and especially start building habits in the new year.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions gratefully sought and much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Re: Working on simplifying a beginning protocol with specifics and biggest bang for bucks

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:48 am
by Stavia
Drae, good thinking to "chunk it up" as we call it in Middle Earth.
I would recommend entrenching each set of three new "habits" before moving on the next.
I would also suggest that supplements is at least a year's task to settle on what suits you, one at a time.

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Re: Working on simplifying a beginning protocol with specifics and biggest bang for bucks

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:17 am
by jolicoeur
Hi drae
This is great! What a plan!
If I may recommend: make sure that your goals will lead to success. We need success to continue improving changes. Reduce your goals with love and kindness to yourself - if you tend to be very demanding.
And keep in mind that studies showed that it takes 30 days to implement new habits. Neuroplasticity is fantastic when we give the time to our neurons to wire together and make a 'strong cable' :)) It helps to do new habits without even thinking of it.
Here are 2 articles to make sure to use dental floss without PTFE. ... ating.aspx

Re: Working on simplifying a beginning protocol with specifics and biggest bang for bucks

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:47 pm
by slacker
Drae - I agree with Stavia. Three major changes at a time is a big enough plateful!

There are threads about dental health that you may find interesting - search "dental work" and "gum disease" to find them some of them...ok, but don't implement any changes 'cause it's not one of your top three! ;)

Re: Working on simplifying a beginning protocol with specifics and biggest bang for bucks

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:40 am
by progranulindefect
this is what i'm going to do. since i am super sensitive to nnemf, i am going to try to reduce my screen time, which is very hard since i compulsively need information. to reduce screen time i will:
1. go to the library and take out books. i will try to get large print when possible. i will also listen to more books on CD.
2. i will go to the town where i work extra early so that i can walk in the morning sun for at least half an hour. from what i have read, melatonin is produced when morning sun hits the eye. so i will walk with no vision correction, even though it will be blurry.
3. i will have seafood at least 3 times a week and get dha that way, not from supplements.
4. i will wire my computer with ethernet so i am not sitting in front of a wireless computer (like i'm doing right now) and so reduce the radiation i am exposed to.
5. i will continue to have my cell phone in air plane mode when not using it. i will use it more as an emergency device and as a way to check in with family briefly, not when i am bored. i will read a book for that.
6. i will try to reduce the radiation/artificial blue light my students are exposed to by using wired computers instead of wireless lap tops. i will see if there is a device to strengthen the wifi signal in my classroom and make sure i sit students away from it.
7. in addition to my morning walk, i will take an evening walk, even in the dark.
8. i will do higher intensity exercise such as bike sprints and weights on Saturday morning so that if that exercise causes me not to sleep as will Saturday night, I still have Sunday night to recover in time to be refreshed for the work week.
9. i will try to not procrastinate and try to be more organized to reduce stress.
10. i will try not to relieve stress by being annoying to others. i will try to keep in negative comments and make heart-felt positive comments when the mood strikes me.
Good wishes to all!

Re: Working on simplifying a beginning protocol with specifics and biggest bang for bucks

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:21 am
by Jan
Thank you, ladies, for sharing your intentions. I'm inspired to change from my usual "humorous" New Years resolutions, to some actual serious ones!

Re: Working on simplifying a beginning protocol with specifics and biggest bang for bucks

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:13 pm
by drae
progranulindefect wrote:this is what i'm going to do...

Wow, Pro! what a great list. Now I feel better about working on my 3 priorities, 7 focus points, in total and wish you great success in yours. I am impressed and you gave me some good ideas.

Stavia, thank you so much! "Chunking" has inspired me to get going on these and at simplifying other areas I'm working in.

Jolicoeur, thanks so much for the encouragement and floss links. I don't tend to be too hard on myself and may extend my month to 2-3 months to get these mastered. Actually, I am farther along in many areas than it sounds like, meaning, they aren't all starting from scratch but doing what I already do better. Like, Food is already pretty much a habit, these are just small extensions (reminders to take it a step farther), Walking is new, brain training is new, sleep changes are new but my life has already been changed by the changes I have made this month and I'm still making sleep changes. Very gratifying to be so much more deeply rested. Flossing is "new again" and, after reading more I have decided to look for a natural, non-destructive mouthwash and add some microbiome assistance. So, After much thought (thanks, all!) I will keep my list and cut my self some slack on days I need it.

Slacker, thanks especially for the dental work and gum disease search suggestions. Reading those is really helping and my searching abilities are learning, too!

Jan, I always enjoy your comments and sense of humor but especially your great positive energy. Thank you and best wishes on finding a few personal goals that are meaningful and helpful to you. I really do experience "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get," and, I can do anything if I am willing to go slow enough, take small enough steps. True lifestyle change is my resolution and these are the small steps that produce mountain climbing results.

Practice makes progress!