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New to the family!

Newcomer introductions, personal anecdotes, caregiver issues, lab results, and n=1 experimentation.
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New to the family!

Postby tlovesa » Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:41 pm

First off I just want to say that I am beyond grateful for having found this community. A community obviously filled with extremely intelligent people who are so willing to share all the information that they have painstakingly acquired. A community of people who genuinely seem to care and want to help everyone they can. Thank you for being here for me. You have given me hope and a positive outlook!

A few weeks ago I felt nothing but despair and isolation. Feelings I weren't prepared for after finding out about my 4/4 status on 23 & me. Who knew that a Super Bowl commercial advertising a discount for DNA testing would eventually change my entire outlook on the rest of my life! When I was doing the saliva part I sort of felt like I was cheating God in some way. Like I was Eve wanting to eat from the tree of knowledge. But I packaged it up and mailed it in. Six weeks later my life changed. First of all, my paternal grandmother died with AD at 85 (she had a stroke, which was took her life immediately, so that was a gift sort of), and then my moms brother died of AD at age 67. So I knew I had a propensity for AD and that is why I wanted to take the test. But I hadn't really thought it out. By the time I read all the "should I test" articles it was too late. I had done zero research before and didn't know about ApoE 2 or 3 or 4, much less combos etc... So it was bad news.

For the first few days I didn't quite absorb it. I told my husband and mom and sister. I wasn't upset yet. I kept telling myself "you knew there was a great likelihood with the family history". And then I started reading the Bredesen book. That's when the isolation set in. I really felt alone. And no one seemed to be upset! The 4/4 status filled my every idle thought. I had found this community but didn't know where to begin. The turnaround was twofold. After I finished the book my husband picked it up. While he read that I read the Primer by Stavia. When my husband got on board I didn't feel alone anymore. He has been 1000% supportive. And then this forum has been the other lifesaver! So at this point I am feeling optimistic. I did have a disappointing visit with my OB earlier this week that left me in tears for the rest of the day. But since then things are looking better thanks to kind words from people in this community and a great visit with my GP.

I don't feel like I cheated God anymore by finding out. I feel that there is a reason that these tests have been so simplified. I turn 50 in two weeks. My last child will be leaving for college this fall (MIT!!!!! I have to brag) I wondered what new thing was going to come into my life now that I'll have an empty nest. Well I got my answer pretty quick. Fortunately, I have no cognitive decline. My BMI is 18. I run with my husband 4-5 times per week (more now). I have been fasting 12 -14 hours for years for no special reason. On the flip side I eat EVERYTHING. Healthy and non healthy alike. So the dietary changes will be the biggest along with the supplements.
But I am all in.

Thanks to everyone here and I look forward to reading through every forum! Together we can move forward and live happy and healthy lives!!!

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Re: New to the family!

Postby mountaineermd » Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:31 pm

Welcome to the family. Before I discovered that I had the APOE4 gene, I had already read Bredesen's book. What I had always believed to be a hopeless diagnosis, is in reality anything but. I consider this knowledge a blessing in that it will give me the incentive to live a healthy life style (Bredesen's protocol). It sounds like you already have a healthy weight and get plenty of exercise. Now you should make sure that you are not insulin resistant, ie LCHF diet.

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Re: New to the family!

Postby Andru » Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:10 pm


tlovesa wrote: My last child will be leaving for college this fall (MIT!!!!! I have to brag)

What a coincidence, that's where I work! He'll love it here, and I'm sure you realize how much of an honor it is that he was admitted. It seems like living an active lifestyle is the one thing that everyone agrees is beneficial, so it's great you've been doing that. There are many opinions on diet, however, and different diets seem to affect people differently (i.e., an E4 on one diet might have different results than an E4 on another diet). I hope someone else can weigh in on the implications of this, with advice on how to better proceed from here. Personally, I've cut out high GI carbs and replaced them with resistant starches (sweet potatoes, root veggies, etc.) but I'm keeping legumes (sorry Gundry). Keep us posted on what you decide to do.

mountaineermd wrote: Now you should make sure that you are not insulin resistant, ie LCHF diet.

I'm curious; is this good advice for everyone? An active lifestyle and moderate carbs might not lead to insulin resistance, especially in healthy non-diabetics.

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Re: New to the family!

Postby Anna » Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:47 pm

Welcome to the family tlovesa :) I can relate to many aspects of your story, including sending your youngest off to college this fall.
Congrats on MIT! That's amazing! It was a very competitive year with some crazy low acceptance rates. Mine just committed to a New England liberal arts college.

tlovesa wrote: A few weeks ago I felt nothing but despair and isolation.
When got my 4/4 result from Promethease (a year ago 23andMe did not provide an ApoE4 report), I was completely unprepared. Like you, my paternal grandmother had AD (died from it after many years of significant dementia), as well as some other family members. I was not surprised to see that I was at risk, but I knew nothing about ApoE and was blindsided by the fact that I inherited risk from both sides, as well as devastated by the degree of risk (The statistics Promethease reports are a bit more terrifying than those on the 23andMe report).

tlovesa wrote:For the first few days I didn't quite absorb it. I told my husband and mom and sister. I wasn't upset yet.
I could have written this line. Exactly. This entire process is a journey with many chapters. Sixteen months later, I can say that it definitely gets easier. When other things in my life are not going well, I am more likely to dwell on it, but it no longer consumes every waking thought.

That's awesome that your husband is being supportive and involved. That will make all the difference in the world. As for dietary changes and supplements, I found that trying to change too many things at once was overwhelming and painful. Feel free to make changes at your own pace. :)
4/4 but so much more

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Re: New to the family!

Postby rianlees » Sun Apr 22, 2018 3:02 am

Welcome to the family tlovesa,

I see you've already received some warm welcomes from other members. This community is full of caring, generous and well informed people so I too am glad you've found us.

I see you've read the Primer already. Also, clicking on the 3 black dots (top right hand corner) will produce a drop down menu from where you can get round the site.
I am so glad that you've been looking after yourself so well, have a husband that is supportive and that you've found the site.
Look forward to hearing how you go about implementing dietary change.

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