81 and still sane--I think!

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Re: 81 and still sane--I think!

Postby Its Me » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:59 am

Starfish77 wrote:I am not keen on cooking and usually make big batches of whatever I cook creating a week's worth.

Me, too. As example, I buy a package of skin-free, no bone, chicken thighs, boil and put each in a little freezer bag, put the bunch in a larger Hefty freezer bag. You can use each plain or with whatever recipe you like. A pot of soup can be very heathy, when using a bowl full for a meal you can add the grain then or other difference for variety. Breakfast and lunch are the same thing everyday, no cooking.

Also for ease and avoiding cooking - and my cholesterol is "ideal" thanks to the following I believe. "Fat" is by liquid form normally, butter is a treat rarely. Meat is small portion, normally skinless fowl or else a healthy fish (sardine, salmon, small skip jack tuna). Or a restaurant burger like Five Guys - where they have all-you-can-eat barrel of peanuts in the shell (for vitamins, I'm sure) - once in a while, and calves liver once a week or two for the vitamins. My breakfast everyday is a large bowl of instant whole-grain oatmeal, add a banana, separately a cup skim milk and coffee. Lunch whole grain bread with a nut butter (peanut or almond), or hummus, and some sliced greenhouse tomato or sweet pepper, a cup of OJ/calcium.

My gastro doc put me on the FODMAP diet after a bad reaction from an antibiotic. This removes foods and such that may causes gut problems - a gluten free, lactose free diet but much more. There is so much you can eat that won't upset you, potatoes! You then bring back items slowly to see what the effect is. I ended up bringing back everything but found a love for 100% sourdough spelt bread and lactaid milk with sugar already converted so it is sweet. I lost, and now maintain weight thanks to it.

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Re: 81 and still sane--I think!

Postby thjj » Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:17 pm

circular wrote:
thjj wrote:
circular wrote:thjj and Starfish, if you wish to reduce the high glycemic effect of the potatoes, while it's not quite the same as a hot potato from the oven, cold potato salad is significantly higher in resistant starch. This type of starch doesn't get digested and makes healthy gut bugs very happy.

Thanks circular: is it always better to eat starchy veggies cold (refrigerated) after cooking them (I don't like to eat raw)?

It's true for potatoes, sweet potatoes, and rice, but I'm not sure what other foods get increased resistant starch with cooling. All grains? Lentils? Beans?
Glad to hear that about sweet potatoes! I have been eating about 1 a day since I read about it in Dr. Bredesen's book. 114-year-old Ohio woman, Lessie Brown, oldest person in the U.S. recently passed away. Her family credited a diet heavy in sweet potatoes for her longevity!
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