New Intern Skydancer

Newcomer introductions, personal anecdotes, caregiver issues, lab results, and n=1 experimentation.
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New Intern Skydancer

Postby skydancer » Sun Mar 03, 2019 6:16 pm

Hi Everyone,
I am super excited to be involved with this amazing website. I spent over 25 years running a Wellness Program for Seniors and experienced the challenges many of my wonderful clients faced with cognitive impairments. I also took care of my mother who had vascular dementia and several of my friends with AD. Personally I had hoped to practice as a Naturopathic doctor but had a terrible case of Lyme disease and couldn't function well enough to pursue that track. All these experiences sent me on a journey to learn about the brain, neuroscience and whatever I could find to improve my memory and help my clients. I found Dr. Bredesen's research and followed his work for several years while I completed the Functional Medicine Coaching program, their Reversing Cognitive Decline Certificate and the Institute for Functional Medicine's- Bredesen Reversing Cognitive Decline course. I am so grateful and thrilled to find all the incredible information and stories shared by fellow folks on the path to discovery and healing.
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Re: New Intern Skydancer

Postby TheresaB » Sun Mar 03, 2019 6:39 pm

Welcome aboard, your depth of experience will no doubt be very valuable to all of us.
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