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Just saying hi!

Postby betsylawrence » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:01 pm


What an incredible group and resource to come across. I found out I was 4/4 through genetic testing a few years ago without really knowing the significance. When I realised what this could mean I freaked out but then came back to your genes being your pre-disposition not your destiny (which I feel strongly most (!) of the time. It is so great to have this resource to understand the lifestyle changes that can help so much. I found it hard researching before I came across this group as I found that lots of the general advice for AD prevention was not consistent for 4/4 carriers.

I am 39 and have no family history of alzheimers. Luckily I have increasingly lived a clean lifestyle over my life in response to symptoms I didn't enjoy - including brain fog, weird histamine responses (cold urticaria), significant fatigue, cealiac disease etc etc. Stress is one part of my life that I still find difficult - working on that with meditation and processing some of my triggers at the moment. I have a young family so it's nice that they're now a bit older (2 and 5) so I feel like I have the space to focus on my well-being more.

Over the last year I have been working with a naturopath and using OATs test I have seen a significant improvement in some of my markers.

I really appreciate all the thoughts, advice, information and support that have gone into this forum!

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