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Nocturia issues -- suggestions?

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Re: Nocturia issues -- suggestions?

Postby frankiesfriend » Tue Dec 17, 2019 2:09 pm

I was evaluated by a Urologist for nocturia, which was a source of frequent night time awakenings. I had made and brought to the appointment a pretty detailed record of what I drank, how much and when, and also how much and when I urinated - about a week's worth of data. Based on the amount voided, as well as the results of a bladder ultrasound which showed that the bladder capacity was reasonable, the urologist determined that I was not being awakened by the need to urinate. He did note that I drank to much fluid, and advised me to only drink when I was thirsty instead of what I thought was healthy. When I started taking melatonin, and my sleep maintenance improved, the nocturia improved immensely. I think that I just had trained myself that whenever I wake up, I should make a trip to the bathroom, and was hypersensitive to the sensation of minor bladder fullness. Now I usually only awaken in the night once, sometimes twice.
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