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Re: what tests

Postby Stavia » Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:31 pm

Brilliant Paul. Please let us know how the results pan out.

Julie, the reason for the restricted access to D3 test is that Australia has national health funding for tests ie the government pays for them. Same in New Zealand. GPs can access most tests as they feel is appropriate ie they are spending public money. The D3 test is very expensive, its $70 for the reagents for the assay. Compare this to a couple bucks for a renal panel. Thus both countries have restricted FUNDED access to the D3 test. The cost of supplementation to the average healthy Joe if one thinks there is an issue is only a couple dollars a year, again to the government. One can get the test funded by speaking to the hospital lab specialist who will authorise funding if it is appropriate. There isnt enough mainstream evidence to spend a lot of public funds on ad lib D3 testing as obviously the goverment has a cap for funding everything. Private insurance in Pauls country does not pay for tests because the government does. Paul can choose to pay for it himself if he wants, or he can gauge if he is getting enough sun or not and choose supplementation accordingly. Seriously, there is no way both countries can afford to serially and frequently test everyone for D3 levels. Like I said before, you guys in the US have a very skewed view of what is available in the res of the world. (No offence meant). I suspect the NHS will have similar ringfences around more expensive tests.

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