apod NMR Lipoprofile Results

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Re: apod NMR Lipoprofile Results

Postby Stavia » Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:36 pm

apod wrote:I wonder how long I should wait between NMR Lipoprofile tests after adjusting diet? The test runs about $100, so I can't run it that often. I'm anxious to see what a higher carb / lower SFA intake might look like on my numbers (I think I prefer a higher fat diet.)

Apod Ive seen patients' basic lipid results change dramatically in two weeks. DrD says an LDL particle lives for five days. However insulin sensitivity takes longer to adjust.
I usually tell patients three months, but if you are impatient six weeks might be enough to track the cholesterol subfractions alone ( if insulin sensitivity is still resolving then TGs and the LDL carrying them will still be affected)

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