Just got results, I carry 2 E4 genes, I have questions!

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Just got results, I carry 2 E4 genes, I have questions!

Postby SZ2980 » Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:45 pm

I just got tesults from 23 and me, I carry 2 APOE e4 genes, but my questions are, what if any symptoms have people had throughout their lives? I'm just trying to see if there is a correlation between these genes and my symptoms. I will list symptoms I've had/have, please let me know. I am just about 40 years old,Thanks.
IBS (19 years)
Fibromyalgia (11 years)
Chronic inflammation (2 years)
Tinnitus (11 years)
Hand swelling (1 year)
Hand numbness/tingling (9 months)
Chronic pain (12 years)
Please let me know if anyone else has similar issues.

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Re: Just got results, I carry 2 E4 genes, I have questions!

Postby Lisa G » Sun Jan 12, 2020 5:52 pm

SZ2980 wrote:what if any symptoms have people had throughout their lives?

Hello SZ2980 and welcome to the ApoE4 forum. I am sorry to hear of your being notified of your E4 genes but please know that there are lots of things you can do in the coming years that will support you. I'm sure you have lots of questions...it can be an overwhelming few weeks until you begin to sort things out.
We are glad you found us as the information you find here should greatly assist you on your journey, especially because you are young and have lots of time to make the lifestyle changes that support your E4 alleles. While I personally do not carry the E4 genes and am not a physician, I believe your symptoms seem to be related to inflammation and microbiome issues, especially as you mention IBS and chronic inflammation. Are you under the care of a physician? If not, or if you are and feel you are not getting the results you desire, maybe you could find a "Functional Medicine" doctor who is trained in the Bredesen Protocol. You can find a list of ApoE4 aware practitioners here. Also, as you are new and have questions, you may want to visit the primer as it is a great place to start and written by a physician in laymen's terms. There is also a "How-To" Guide that makes your journey around the site much more efficient. I've found the search function to be an awesome way to research questions you may have as most likely, someone has asked the question before and there are several threads of information regarding that topic.
Again, welcome to the community. Please don't hesitate to tell us a little about yourself in the "Our Stories" and continue commenting on posts and asking questions! We love active members!
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Re: Just got results, I carry 2 E4 genes, I have questions!

Postby Fiver » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:47 am


I'm not an expert or medical doctor. I just like reading about this. For what it is worth I'm not aware of any studies showing strong, direct links between apoe4 and these particular symptoms. But I can think of lots of indirect ways in which they could be related. So a search of the literature would probably turn something up.

LisaG's comments seems like a good place to start: a common factor for these seems to be the inflammation.

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