Joseph Arulandu, MD / LaPorte, IN

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Joseph Arulandu, MD / LaPorte, IN

Postby Julie G » Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:21 pm

Dr. Arulandu is my local internist/lipidologist. He’s not ApoE4 aware per se, but rather aware of my high risk for Alzheimer’s disease and is supportive of my lifestyle and dietary approach. That means a lot to me. He has a handful of other patients also using a similar approach to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. He calls us his “healthiest patients.” He works primarily with very unhealthy people, most T2Ds, and puts them all on a LCHF diet “South Beach Diet” which is the approach he uses for himself. I only see him once a year for my annual physical which my insurance company mandates so that I can achieve various biomarker goals. He orders an advanced lipid panel and hbA1c for me without too much arm twisting. He’s very mainstream in his approach and needs a specific reason/code for every test that he orders. That said, I try to get as many labs I can from him (so that I can use my medical insurance) and otherwise order whatever I need myself from an online lab, from my gynecologist, or use Dr. Schweig. My insurance covers the entire cost of his office visits, which last about 7 minutes.
UPDATE: This year I walked in with a more comprehensive list (NMR Lipoprofile, hbA1c, fasting insulin, C-reactive protein, homocysteine, Vitamin D.) He ordered them all without question! :D

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