Lovera Miller, MD / Michigan City, IN

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Lovera Miller, MD / Michigan City, IN

Postby Julie G » Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:24 pm

Dr. Miller is my gynecologist. I was surprised to learn that she attended medical school in Loma Linda, CA which may help explain her overall focus on optimizing health. She’s written a book, outlining a plan for a healthy and vibrant transition through perimenopause and beyond. She basically advocates a very similar approach to the one that I use.To be accurate, she's not necessarily ApoE4-aware, but rather aware of my high risk for cognitive decline and willing to help. She prescribes and manages my bio-identical hormones in a way that's affordable for me. She’s also happy to order blood levels of any hormone, etc. that I request. I have frequent UTIs, hematuria, etc., She’s been very helpful about helping me to manage that as well. She’s fascinated with any papers that I’m willing to share about how hormones affect cognition. I highly recommend her. My insurance covers 100% of the cost for her office visits as well as my bHRT with the exception of topical testosterone.

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