Randy James, MD, ABFM, IFMCP / Colorado Springs, CO

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Randy James, MD, ABFM, IFMCP / Colorado Springs, CO

Postby SusanJ » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:32 am

Dr. Randy James was my doctor from 2012-2016. He is a family practice doctor, board certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. He is ApoE4-aware and also knows how to approach major genetic variants such as MTHFR. Although not Bredesen trained, he is aware of the protocol. And he is currently a principal investigator on a clinical trial looking at "the impact of a novel functional medicine approach to improving cognitive skills, brain structure, and daily functioning for participants with Mild Cognitive Impairment" in connection with the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research in Colorado Springs.

When I first went to Dr. James, I had already worked with an integrative doctor in Boulder, and made several changes in diet and lifestyle. But, I still had health issues that were not resolving. I had an initial hour-long appointment to discuss my health and over those 4 years he was a great partner to run labs, tackle gut health, treat MTHFR and hormonal issues and work out a supplementation plan based on my needs. He also suggested genetic testing to perhaps identify other factors impacting my health, through which I learned about my E4 status, and met all the the fine folks on this site (initially through the 23andme boards).

Dr. James always appreciated my sending research papers to discuss, including in the early days, when we were both learning more about MTHFR. In fact, we still keep in touch from time-to-time despite the fact I am no longer a patient. (I live 2 hours away, and felt my health had improved enough to monitor my labs with a local doctor willing to learn.)

Dr. James runs a membership plan practice. You pay a monthly fee to access their care. The office offers discounts on supplements and uses your insurance to pay for labs. I have to say, that in all the years I went there, I rarely paid extra for labs.

If you are just starting out on improving your health, feel stuck with your current strategies, or your health seems to be getting worse, I highly recommend Dr. James.

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