Introducing Practitioner Reviews

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Introducing Practitioner Reviews

Postby Julie G » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:49 pm

Friends, I need your help. We’d like to create our own robust list of APOE4-aware healthcare practitioners based upon our members’ interactions. PLEASE, share information about your physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, health coach, nutritionist, etc., anyone who’s been helpful on your journey. Be aware that these professionals need not be Bredesen-trained. Many of our members have very helpful healthcare providers who also focus on cognitive health and are generally helpful in ordering any necessary testing. You are welcome to post their names, contact information, and any pertinent details. We also invite you to share unhelpful experiences with specific details to help guide other members. As always, our Community Guidelines apply when posting, paying careful attention to maintain a courteous and professional tone.

In order to make this forum as useful as possible, we would like to follow a couple of rules:

  • One topic per practitioner and one practitioner per post. If someone has already reviewed your practitioner, please add your review as a reply to the existing topic.
  • Consistent topic subject. Format is Professional name / Location.
Within each practitioner topic, each post does not need to be a review. We encourage questions, answers, and discussion within the topics. New topics which are not devoted to the review of a single practitioner will be moved to another forum.

We have many new members who’ve come to our website specifically to find Bredesen-trained practitioners. Because we have no affiliation with MPI Cognition, who manage Bredesen credentialing, we strongly encourage these folks to contact the company directly to ensure they are receiving the latest information: website:, email: , phone: (800) 450-0805.

Practitioners: If you’d like to directly advertise your services, please feel free to post your information in the APOE4-Aware Healthcare Practitioner list on our wiki that you can access here. If you need help posting your listing, please email your information to and we’ll add it for you. Be aware that the strongest recommendations come directly from our members. If you’re working with one of us, please ask that member to write a recommendation here. We ask you to refrain from posting your services here, but feel free to comment if a member reviews you.

*ApoE4.Info is providing this list for informational purposes. We (management) have no direct knowledge of these practitioners and are not endorsing them. For fuller legal context, check out our Terms of Use.

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