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Re: Introducing Practitioner Reviews

Postby PBW » Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:54 pm

YES! but I have personal knowledge of only 2.

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Re: Introducing Practitioner Reviews

Postby Julie G » Mon Dec 21, 2020 1:35 pm

"The Better Brain program retail cost is $8,900. The re-testing of ReCODE labs is included in this cost. Patients can also expect to spend about $150+ on supplements per month. Additional functional medicine tests on are not included but may be added on."
"Dr. Heather Moday is a certified ReCODE practitioner trained in the Bredesen Protocol—a unique, integrative approach to treat conditions affecting the brain, including Alzheimer’s disease. This 12 month program is a comprehensive membership that includes medical care, advanced interpretation of functional medicine labs, personalized nutrition interventions, and wellness coaching based on the Dr. Dale Bredesen’s ReCODE Protocol.This program requires enrollment in ReCODE and ReVERSE through" She will not be your PCP.

Is this in line with other Bredesen practitioners?

That seems really high to me. That said, I've seen quite a few functional docs move to the membership model. My own physician, Sunjya Schweig, just did the same to my disappointment. I still pay $600 an hour for an appt, which is well worth it for me, but I had to buy a membership of $50 per month for coaching and nutritional advice I don't want or need. Frustrating.

For those who want to use ReCODE, your best bet is to find a physician who charges by the hour (rates vary between $250-$650/hour, with the median around $400/hour) because your treatment plan and program (instructions and resources) are included with your subscription of $39.99 per moth for PreCODE (prevention) or 75.00 per month for ReCODE (reversal). IMHO, it's best to best to hire a health coach and/or nutritionist as needed.

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