Jessica Peña, MD / New York City, NY

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Re: Jessica Peña, MD / New York City, NY

Postby alveatch50 » Sun Feb 23, 2020 10:01 am

Thank you for this post. I too am 53. I have 4/4. I have cardiac disease diagnosed without symptoms just this past year. I have 6 blockages on screening calcium cardiac CT. I exercise, I am vegan, I dont smoke, I dont drink. Despite this, my stress test was very positive with ST depression 3 mm, and chest pain. CT angiogram showed non obstructive disease, meaning I dont need intervention like a stent or bypass but the blockages are real. I had been concerned about alzheimers since I received my 23andme results 7 years ago. The urgency has heightened now and I am researching and anxious about how best to manage my health. In addition to this, my anxiety has increased as I feel my cognition may be slipping. I do have the book by Dr. Breseden and have been reviewing this. I am a physician myself and am selective regarding my health care providers. I live in Tacoma, Washington and I am not able to locate or accessReCODE/APOE4 knowledgeable doctors in my area that can guide me. My cardiologist and internist are well meaning but are not familiar with the significance of my genes. I am willing to travel if it is going to make a difference. Thanks so much for this website and for all of you. I was referred here by the facebook page apoe4.

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