Dr. John Koziarski/Battle Creek, MI

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Dr. John Koziarski/Battle Creek, MI

Postby Indywoman » Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:44 pm

I travel 3.5 hours to see Dr. Koziarski, first seeing him last May. He was the closest MD I could find who had been through the Bredesen protocol, and I was certainly unsure of seeing someone this far away.

Dr. Koziarski has turned out to be exactly the kind of person I wanted to work with in this process. He is kind, very knowledgeable, and so good at explaining complexities and patiently answering questions, including at the outset why he as a surgeon was heading towards functional medicine. I also appreciated that he is on most of the foods he suggested I should be eating and similarly avoids gluten, dairy, etc. He told me about a number of products that I could get when I was having trouble finding alternatives to dairy or wheat (e.g. Flaxmilk, Anna's bread, etc). When I decline something, (a good example would be the MRI), he listens to why, suggests options, or doesn't push. When my husband and I drove up for the ReCode report, he took three hours with us, explaining, drawing diagrams and answering my biologist husband's many questions, particularly on toxins in the report.

Lastly, Dr. Koziarski saved me a trip recently, and no doubt will do so in the future, by communicating through videoconferencing where we had a good 45 minute conversation. If I were to use adjectives to describe him they would be knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, unflappable, and sensitive and receptive to the patient's perspective.
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