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Joshua Bletzinger, DC / Batavia, IL

Postby lamb chops » Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:21 am

I think I have found someone I can work with. My GP had agreed and done many of the blood tests Bredesen recommended. However, some things were missing and I felt I needed a guide. JB is a chiropractor near where I live, and has been dedicating his practice to the Recode Protocol after seeing his grandparent go downhill. He and about 20 something practitioners of various education have been pursuing functional medicine. He himself has not finished his certification yet but is working on it and has monthly meetings with other members who do have certification and some who do not yet. I know one of them and maybe others have worked under Bredesen.
On meeting him, he seemed to be well versed and open to piecing together what I had done already and adding what I did not have, including the blood tests, my GP would not prescribe. He also offers a comprehensive plan for those just beginning . I really like the overlay they have on a MRI to determine more about the ischemia, etc.
He has a nutritionist on staff and works with certain labs to finish off the tests. I have spoken with the nutritionist but am not sure how knowledgable she would be to someone just starting out, since I had changed much of my diet already. She seems willing to go the extra mile.
They take a relaxed approach to gradually introduce and sustain efforts and offer supplements after getting results back (mine are not back yet)
I leave for out of town on March 10 and won't be back until April so I won't have my next appt to find out where I am at until then. It looks promising!

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