Anyone for the UK fancy joining a new meet up?

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Re: Anyone for the UK fancy joining a new meet up?

Postby NF52 » Sat Mar 14, 2020 5:04 pm

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wac wrote:Hi I'm new to the group and came across this thread after searching for UK members. Reading through the posts, did the meet up get arranged? I live in Birmingham but would travel to London no problem.

Bob, if you read this can you share your experiences from your meeting with Helen Williams?
Hi Matthew ("wac")!

Our software is not always user-friendly--although it is almost free, which helps a volunteer organization. So the way to ensure that someone sees your reply is to go to their post and click on the single big quotation mark in the upper right corner of their post. That brings their post over to an editing text box and you can add your reply and then hit "submit". They will then get a notification by email that someone has quoted them.

As a way to be sure YOU get copies of any replies to topics you've posted on, or are interested in, go to the wrench icon in the upper left corner, just above the text box and below the topic title. Click on the wrench and select "subscribe topic". You will automatically get an email anytime someone posts; whether they quote you or not.

To help speed up a reply from Bob ("DRC31"), I've inserted "quotes" of his user name and those of most, if not all of the forum members who posted on this topic, as well as a former intern (Flo) who lives in Jersey but used to live and work in London. Hope you can work out a virtual or in-person meet-up, and get some great conversations going among your group.
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Re: Anyone for the UK fancy joining a new meet up?

Postby DRC31 » Sun Mar 15, 2020 6:47 am

In reply to wac. I did not proceed with Helen Williams so have no feedback positive or negative to share. Instead I have engaged with Jo Gamble at who is Bredesen Protocol trained and very impressive. My reason for working with Jo is that she also specialises in advising on nutrition for people going through treatment for cancer which, unfortunately, has recently become a bit of a requirement for me.


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Re: Anyone for the UK fancy joining a new meet up?

Postby PeteWilliams » Mon Mar 16, 2020 5:36 am

Hi All,

Our London based Functional Medicine practise has been working with the Bredesen protocol for several years and so we can help anyone understand their risks regardless of ApoE status.

We would be happy to engage with you all so maybe fire over your concerns to start with and we can start from there.

Can I suggest that what's been written on this website as far as the basics are excellent and we should not panic just because of our ApoE status?

Pete Williams
Founder of Functional Medicine Associates

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