Does Julie Reynolds still take these 4 supps at bedtime??

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Re: Does Julie Reynolds still take these 4 supps at bedtime??

Postby Davidmoshe8833 » Mon Apr 12, 2021 6:00 am

adriana268 wrote:thank you so much for this information. I am a 33 y.o female who has suffered on and off from insomnia. Knowing that i am 3/4 I have done everything possible to rectify this. Sometimes it works and I have good weeks , sometimes it doesnt. I had a really bad period where I had to be on trazadone for over 3 months. Now I am finally back to only melatonin at night but still occasionally wake up about three times a night. I was curious as to the dosage of melatonin julie ( or anyone with sleeping problems) takes . I usually do 1 to3mg. Is it extended release? what about Ashwagandha.. i have it but not sure how much to take and how late . Sleep rules my life because it doesn't come easy for me ( no alcohol before 8, rushing to have all my meals before 8 pm, can't wait anything to rowdy on tv before bed etc...) so I would love to optimize my supplements to complete all the sleep hygiene techniques I've researched. Thank you guys again for your help!

Welcome Adriana,

I can relate. I'm a 33 year old male, 3/4, and have also been on trazadone. My 'magic mix' is magnesium threonate, melatonin (5mg) , along with phosphatydilserine, been trying out taurine a bit as well for sleep ( I take it earlier in the day usually), not sure how much of an effect it has. I hear you with it ruling your life- I also can't watch anything rowdy anymore close to bed. Meditation I've found helps with this. I also try to drink more green teas for the ecgc, supplement with a bit more taurine and l-theanine in the morning ( makes my brain sharp if I feel a lag) and up the cardio if I'm going through a rough patch, in part because it makes me feel good, and also with the hope that I'm at least partially mitigating any potential damage upstairs.

I have a similar issue where I will wake up anywhere from 1-4 times per night, usually I get back to sleep but it does interfere. Occasionally, it go into a full fledged insomnia bout. I worked with a sleep specialist who had me do sleep restriction (no napping, no doing anything in bed aside from sleep and being intimate), which is a real drag at first but it helped me just as much as trazadone did ( i tried them separately). Problem is, spending too much time in bed can also cause and perpetuate insomnia. I recommend looking into sleep restriction, and abstaining from alcohol mostly ( due to apoe status, but also because your body sort of rebounds after it gets cleared out in the brain, which can interfere with your sleep).

Curious to hear everyone else's experience.

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Re: Does Julie Reynolds still take these 4 supps at bedtime??

Postby adriana268 » Wed Apr 14, 2021 6:51 am

thank you so much for your tips! I worked with a sleep therapist and we tried sleep restriction as well. I found meditation ( i love the waking up app) and fish oil EPA2g to be key for the anxiety and insomnia. I love PS100 for cortisol reduction! ( i work as a PA in an urgent care so my cortisol can be high at night). It sucks that alcohol is so key in sleep because I notice a difference in my sleep even after a glass of wine ! Have you experimented with magnesium glycinate or ashwagandha?

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Re: Does Julie Reynolds still take these 4 supps at bedtime??

Postby Tiramisu1984 » Sun Apr 18, 2021 3:45 pm

Hi Doodles, as someone who has a history or waking up and staying up, I am quite sympathetic to your situation. Progesterone and melatonin lozenges really help me, but the greatest gain was through reducing my hours at work and going part-time. While I loved my job, it was very intense. Through this and SleepScore, I learned that I need more than eight hours a night.

Good luck!!!

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