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Re: Chronic Inflammation as a contributor to Alzheimer’s

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 8:39 pm
by Exodus
Julie G wrote:Congrats on removing several of your mercury amalgams,CathyS. I couldn’t help but wonder if your increased pain might have something to do with your daily Aleve. See this. I know how difficult it is to break this pain cycle without using OTCs. Are you already using a good fish oil capsule with curcumin? Both can be very anti-inflammatory as well as upregulating glutathione, the master detoxifier, which would also provide benefit for you now. During this healing period, especially considering the likelihood of increased gut permeability, you may want to be really careful with dietary lectins and other anti-nutrients. Lastly, if the pain persists, you might even consider low dose naltrexone. Use our search to see previous discussions. Best of luck as you move forward. Please keep us posted on your progress.

Julie G - Do your fish oil capsules contain curcumin? Or - maybe you meant to take both for pain. I take massive dose of prescription Lovaza (generic) daily for pain - learned it ameliorates pain because of having to be off for 7-10 days before surgeries. I have also tried several brands of curcumin - latest being Root2 rated highly on Consumer Lab.
Pain is still here - especially at night when I'm trying to sleep and daytimes when things get stressful. I'd love to try your brand if it's not against board guidelines, etc., to publish brand name, etc!?! I've given LDN a brief trial and don't think it's my answer - it's pricey when added to all my supplements and compounded bio-identicals. Surgery is not an option, but thanks in advance for any other suggestions . . . Exodus