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Re: Recipes: for picky eaters

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:42 am
by LG1
circular wrote:The cauliflower hummus looks good but in my weariness I'm rebelling that they don't have an easy-to-use print friendly version to click on, so back to my other hummus delight: artichoke hummus. I've lost the recipe but it didn't have tahini. I love tahini but I read it was high in copper and so was I.

Don't forget anchovies too, if you can handle the salty intensity. May be more appealing than sardines to some. I seldom use them but would love to hear some ideas. Certainly thrown in salads or on a no-grain pizza.

BTW a quick no-grain pizza crust using on-hand ingredients would be great to have. I believe there are cauliflower based ones. Haven't googled it yet.

Still need to get into the two cans of sardines.. will have to be when I return from my trip. I've heard of them in the hide sardines in the caesar dressing trick. I will investigate the pizza idea. I just switched to low sat fat but used to make those mozzarella cheese and almond flour crust pizzas.. time to start the cauliflower crust pizza when I return. I love all my other recipes using cauli.

Re: Recipes: for picky eaters

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:44 am
by LG1
Starfish77 wrote:LG1, I tried cooking two eggs with sardines, their olive oil and canned chopped tomatoes, like you would scrambled eggs.
I've tried it with several different spices and it is quite good. It is such an easy way to get fish into my diet. Thanks for the suggestions.

Eggs are a great vehicle for otherwise somewhat sad ingredients right? Brilliant... have a dozen eggs waiting for me when I return from trip. I imagine the saltiness would be really tasty, thanks for recommending.