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General Anesthesia & ApoE4

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Re: General Anesthesia & ApoE4

Postby Michae_M » Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:22 pm

I would have her seek a second and third opinion on ECT and would want to see a 3/3 agreement on it's need before I would consider proceeding. That is a lot of stress on a 70 year old person. Too many unknowns here.

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Re: General Anesthesia & ApoE4

Postby NF52 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 5:44 am

Veero wrote:I just had my second foot reconstruction surgery a month ago...This time around, I felt very slightly foggy-brained for a couple of weeks but fine now (other than the added stress of preparing for the upcoming hurricane when I can't walk and am in a wheelchair!)....
Hi Veero!
I hope you have some help preparing for Hurricane Dorian, and that you are in a safe home, or able to get to a shelter. I had my own version of reconstruction in January, with bunion and hammertoe surgery and my foot now has titanium and some long scars. I would not have wanted the added stress of an imminent Category 5 hurricane!

Like you, I asked for a popliteal block, which worked fine, and I found that my brain did also, especially after it stopped receiving so many pain signals. Since this is your second such surgery, you have probably already learned the lesson my PT gave me: Be a patient patient! I also learned that the PT was my best source for tips, exercises and encouragement on how well I was doing, once I could start working with her.

Hugs to you and everyone affected by Dorian! Let us know how you've fared once this is over--and you have power again.
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