Zero carb diet will help prevent Alzheimer’s

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Re: Zero carb diet will help prevent Alzheimer’s

Postby FitFoodie » Sun Feb 23, 2020 12:28 pm

xactly wrote:As mentioned in my previous post, I may continue to consume salmon roe as my source of Omega-3 fats, since they appear to offer the highest amount of DHA in phospholipid form.

When Peter Attia interviewed Rhonda Patrick, he told a story about one of his patients who was following a ketogenic diet. When he ran tests, the man's Lp(a) was off the charts at something like 3500 mg/dL. He tried to get the patient to discontinue the keto diet, but the man was unwilling to do so because he felt great otherwise. So, they changed his fat consumption to almost all mono- and polyunsaturated, sharply limiting saturated fat intake. When the man made this change, his Lp(a) test results improved dramatically.

Rhonda Patrick mentioned the FTO gene as a possible source for that kind of sensitivity to saturated fats. Since I have the FTO alleles, I think they may be the source of the spike in LDL-C I see when I consume animal products. Peter hazarded a guess, based on his patient population, that this sensitivity to saturated fats may affect about 10 - 20% of the population.

Hi xactly - I just picked up a kilogram of salmon roe from a wholesaler/internet retailer in Brooklyn. I defrosted it, re-packed it into smaller pouches, re-froze them, and then vaccuum-sealed them.

Can you share what you consider a daily dose to be? It's delicious imo and I could eat a lot but it's spendy so I'm not trying to go overboard.


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