Chronically high levels of Myeloperoxidase

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Chronically high levels of Myeloperoxidase

Postby Sherpurvis » Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:42 am

My level of myeloperoxidase (MPO) are chronically high. Results from last (3) blood draws: 4145/4181/3523 mg/L. Shouldn’t be over 330! MPO is a antimicrobial enzyme released by activated neutrophils and monocytes and is a marker of inflammation and oxidative stress linked to endothelial dysfunction, atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. That said, my hs-CRP is down to lowest levels ever, 0.3 mg/L (optimum), as well as Fibrinogen 457 mg/L (mildly elevated), and Lp-PLA2 Activity is the lowest as well at 163 mmoL/min/mL. My cholesterol is down 174 -pts! Been Keto for a year and a half, per Bredesen protocol, and have managed to get my lipid levels to their all time lowest levels as well. My issue is the MPO, I can’t seem to lower this dang marker! Any suggestions from this wonderful community?

Taking the following supplements/prescriptions:

NR (Elysium) which is nicotinimide riboside (250mg) and Pterostilbene (50mg)
Metformin (500mg) For longevity - 40% less chance of cancer
Levothyroxine (88mcg)
Liothyronine (5mcg)
Exetimibe (10mg) every other day
Apex Energetics Resvero 1/2 TB
Apex Energetics COQ10 1/2 TB
Gundry’s vital reds
Gundry’s primal plants
Calcium D Glutarate
Jarrow’s CDP-Choline
ProOmega 2000 fish oil
Methyl Protect 1 capsule/day
Miticore (2 capsules in morning and 2 in the evening)
Choleast 900 1 capsule at night
Ultraclear Renew - 1 scoop a day
Vitamin D3 with K2
Baby aspirin
Couple oz of Ikura salmon roe with avocado a couple days a week - Dr. Rhonda Patrick shows that fat in phospholipid forms gets through the blood brain barrier which is critical for APOE4/4

Do intermittent fasting 3-4 days a week and a prolonged fast 48-72 hours once a month.

Lastly, walk 6 miles on the beach ~ 4 days a week 3 weeks out of the month along with Pilates 2X per week.

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Re: Chronically high levels of Myeloperoxidase

Postby slacker » Sun Nov 24, 2019 1:30 pm

Here is a Cleveland Clinic summary that includes ideas for further evaluation, just in case you haven't seen this list. Hope it helps!

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