The Ketogenic Diet: A Neurologist’s Warning

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Re: The Ketogenic Diet: A Neurologist’s Warning

Postby Tincup » Wed Apr 22, 2020 1:06 pm

Jan18 wrote:Interesting, Tincup! Sounds like you are a pro at managing your Afib and doing your testings.

After a 2.5 month afib episode within the first 4 months, I figured out how to keep it mostly at bay and got the approval of my EP. My path to afib was chronic fitness - likely 15% of those with afib. Most are older (I was 49 at first episode) with many comorbidities. Those on the fit path to afib are generally younger with a history of chronic endurance exercise. My trigger is the product of intensity times duration. So moderate long duration is OK as is very short HIIT like Tabatas. My afib remission plan is fairly simple, detraining while remaining fit (mostly Zone 2, MAF or only nasal breathing - in practice all are similar), magnesium supplementation to bowel tolerance, potassium consumed over the day as 2 tsp (about 4 g potassium) of potassium citrate in a liter of water (my version of timed release) along with 1/2 tsp of table salt (about 1 g for a 4:1 K:Na ratio), 2 g of taurine powder (1/2 tsp) and avoidance of excess calcium in the diet (primarily dairy). If this fails, I take a loading dose (300 mg for those over 70 Kg, 200 mg for those under) of the med flecainide, which typically converts me to normal rhythm in an hour. Most recently, I've had 2 episodes in the last two years, with the most recent one a year ago.

I only ramped up all these tests because of COVID, not afib.

I found the article fascinating in that it went on to explain how a typical person with the level of pneumonia that is critical would know it long before the Covid-induced pneumonia patient and why Covid patients don't realize how critical they are....different ways the virus causes the pneumonia. How a person who has no shortness of breath can suddenly drop dead the next day. Frightening!

I also have a staged plan if I do get COVID. The first part is not to have comorbidities - additionally part of my ApoE4 plan. I've also added some things that may upregulate the immune system. If I do get a signal, I'd add 150,000 iu's D3 for 3 days as well as up Vitamin C intake to bowel tolerance (with divided doses - perhaps every half hour). I've got a nebulizer and a friend is a patient of Dr. Brownstein in Michigan. In some of his blog posts, he describes what he suggests for patients with COVID with a nebulizer. I've got all the stuff. If I could, I'd also get someone to give me IV Vitamin C and a rectal ozone infusion.

An online doc friend (that I've known for 15+ years) also has a plan using losartan and a Zpack. I got a local doc to prescribe for me, so have in reserve. I would not start the losartan till my SpO2 dropped as it will upregulate ACE2 receptors on the lung (and elsewhere), which is an entry point for the SARS-Cov2 virus. The losartan may ward off the cytokine storm because it will upregulate circulating ACE2.

Lastly, I'd go to the ER.

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