PREPRINT: Increased risk from COVI-19 in apoe4s

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Re: PREPRINT: Increased risk from COVI-19 in apoe4s

Postby FitFoodie » Tue May 26, 2020 5:28 am

Fiver wrote:

It looks like the researchers ran the numbers excluding people with a dementia diagnosis and factoring in congregate care scenarios, and apoe4 is indeed a risk for severe Covid-19. Definitely piling on :/ ... e-covid-19

Thank you for the condolences, Roxanne, Circular, JulieG, NF52, SusanJ.

My mom's facility did a great job, given the situation and conditions they started with. Many of the individuals there were absolutely heroic. Imagine signing on as activity director to do games and design calendars, but now your job is to wear full PPE and be the iPad-holding intermediary between a dying resident and their families.

The facility acquired and used PPE, set up safety protocols (temp checks of staff and residents), mandated isolation in rooms and no visitors. All starting in early March.

But employees work multiple facilities (due to pay levels and not being hired true full-time) and it appears the first case there may have been in very early March. So lockdown was too late.

I hope something good comes out of this and focus is put on employment conditions.

Unfortunately when you tour a place and ask questions, you get promises that aren't easily verified. It's only once you're in, and spending hours a week in the facility that you see things like turnover and chat with people about their part-time frustration.

Edited to add: @circular I think you are absolutely right that the isolation and lack of family visiting has a negative, even lethal, impact on residents.

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