"Diabetes Summit" with popular authors, bloggers, celebrity doctors

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"Diabetes Summit" with popular authors, bloggers, celebrity doctors

Postby marthaNH » Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:45 am

There is an online "Diabetes Summit" starting tomorrow that, in exchange for your email address, will give you temporary access to talks by some well-known authors, a lot of popularizers, celebrity doctors, nutritionists, etc. It's aimed at an audience that really doesn't want to slog through scientific literature, and I appreciate that. I understand the desire to find someone who gets it and will just cut to the chase.

But there are at least a couple of red flags in here, too, I think. For me, Jimmy Moore is a great big deterrent. I just don't trust his judgment. Another red flag I saw was a talk that centered on "detoxification". I may be wrong, but it seems to me that's just not a concept that gets any traction among serious researchers. Mark Sisson, on the other hand, is one of the better bloggers/aggregators out there, to my mind, even though he is not much help to apoe4s when it comes to diet, and he's certainly not credentialed on treating diabetes.

I just thought I'd throw the list out there (I didn't type the acronyms) in case anybody was interested or had strong opinions on any of them. And yes, I know already that this "summit" is NOT IN THE SAME CATEGORY as peer-reviewed, academic, scientific study. I recognize and respect the difference. I also recognize and respect the fact that people dripping with academic credentials (including some of my relatives) were the ones who insisted my mother take one drug that put her daughters at high risk for reproductive cancers and later, another drug that killed her. So, you know, based on what they knew at the time, and all, but I don't completely trust anybody to know everything.

Here are the participants: Cassie Byork, Sheri Colberg, Josh Axe, Mark Sisson, Sarah Ballantyne, Brian Mowll, Izabella Wentz, Suzy Cohen, Craig Ballantyne, Roy Taylor, Jason Fung, Tom O'Bryan, Steven Wright, Dan Pompa, Deanna Minich, Amy Myers, Richard David Feinman, Franziska Spritzler, Caryn Zinn, Richard Bernstein, Jimmy Moore, Kerri Sparling, Gary Scheiner, Alexandra Jamieson, Marc David, Sara Gottfried, Ocean Robbins, Mike Adams, Sayer Ji, Joel Fuhrman, James Maskell, Chris Meletis, Steven Sisskind, Jody Stanislaw, Michael Murray, Geo Espinosa, Wendy Myers, Diane Sanfilippo, Peter Osborne, Christa Orecchio, David Perlmutter.

I'd appreciate anybody's thoughts or experience with the famous or the non-famous. Since I'm spending a couple of days later this week at the NY Academy of Science listening to the more rigorous, academic presentation of ideas that I expect to see this crowd mining for click-bait pretty soon, I want to at least get a sense of the group. I'm too busy with my job right this minute to listen to all of it. Thanks.

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