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Determining right level of alcohol consumption

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Re: Determining right level of alcohol consumption

Postby alysson » Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:08 am

GeorgeN wrote:
On the lone-afib board, some found coffee to be a trigger, but later determined that organic coffee was not a trigger.

FWIW I don't drink it, but was getting a histamine reaction when my finance' brewed hers. I had her use organic beans that she ground fresh. No reaction on my part. Later, I had changed my diet so histamine was generally lower. Then I no longer had reaction to the preground Folgers.

George, thanks for sharing this information. I'm glad your histamine intolerance has improved.

I have suggested to my husband that he use organic coffee from now on. He has histamine intolerance, though eating fermented veggies has greatly reduced his symptoms (which is contrary to the usual advice for people with this intolerance to avoid ferments).

I actually never drank coffee either, so I really don't have an issue with not drinking it. Over my life, I've had sips of coffee here and there but probably not even the equivalent of a cup. It never tasted good to me.

Instead, I drink green tea, as well as herbal teas, just about every day.
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Re: Determining right level of alcohol consumption

Postby Gilgamesh » Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:17 am

Hey beautiful people! Just a quick Hello and a note from my writer's retreat about a new study:

http://www.businessinsider.com/abstaini ... fe-2013-12

No mention of APOE effects, but surely the study itself stratified by APOE status, right? Nope! (I checked wth the authors.) This study (and "non-investigative" reporting on it) could (likely) shorten the lives of ~20% of people in the West. Frustrating!


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Re: Determining right level of alcohol consumption

Postby Fidel » Sun May 31, 2015 1:30 pm

Last year i was eating whole wheat rum cake, thinking it would improve my lipoprotein numbers, but it appeared to contribute to their worsening. Was also eating too many nuts and seeds as well, so too much fat was likely an even bigger factor, especially in the light of the research about apoE-4 people.

Alcohol doesn't really agree with me anyway. The little bit in the rum cake was more for flavoring. If i do have a rare drink, perhaps i'll seek out a green tea rice wine.

Caffeine can trigger an anxiety attack in me, so i practically never drink coffee other than a rare decaf or coffee vegan ice cream since i like the flavor. Have also been eating a low sulfur diet and coffee doesn't fit into that.

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