Google as Big Brother?

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Re: Google as Big Brother?

Postby SoCalGuy » Sat Dec 21, 2019 1:02 pm

The same thing happened to, a great resource with unbiased reviews on all sorts of supplements.

Link to their Examine's article on being removed from search results:

I've been pretty disappointed with how easily You Tube and other algorithms like Twitter are gamed to send you down a spiral of more and more inflammatory content, so I too have started to wean myself off of Google and Facebook products - You Tube and Google are both part of alphabet, Facebook owns Instagram. I use a mobile browser that blocks all tracking and javascript and have started to move to the Apple ecosystem given their commitment to protecting your personal information.

One benefit is having leading authorities in the space like Dale Bredeson guiding people to the site. It's probably worth building out a mailing list so you can stay "front and center" with those who are interested in keeping on top of the latest topics. Email marketing is one space where you can control the relationship as far as not having your visibility come and go based on the latest algorithm tweak.

Just my $0.02 as a very casual contributor who enjoys the resource you have put together.

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Re: Google as Big Brother?

Postby JuttaH » Fri Sep 25, 2020 5:53 pm

I really long for the old internet... back when dial up was the norm and one could find endless legit forums (like this one).
Nowadays, you use a search engine like Google and come up with TONS of ads and commercial sites, and sites like this one are buried so deep you can't even find them.
I like startpage as a search engine.

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