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MarcR: Team Leader

Interests: I’m a male APOE-ε3/ε4 carrier who resolved his own metabolic issues by learning and doing. I am skeptical of conventional nutrition and chronic disease medicine. Weight-stable since 2014 after losing 65 pounds, I focus on intermittent fasting with an 8 hour daily feeding window; a diet including plenty of healthy fats from pastured animals, tree nuts, avocados, and extra virgin olive oil and excluding processed foods, industrial seed oils, and sugar; and an active outdoor lifestyle.

Location: Camas, Washington, US

Julie G: Member
NF52: Member

Interests: Being a familiar part of our grandchildren’s lives; traveling with my husband, sociology and anthropology non-fiction; Irish and Scottish murder mysteries; support for those with traumatic brain injuries; clinical trials in ApoE 4; exploring Google Scholar rabbit holes on ApoE 4.

Occupation: Retired: former H.S. English teacher, special education administrator, traumatic brain injury project coordinator, and grad student at age 57.
Currently: Well-paid-in-kisses grandmother to a 5 and 8 year old.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Signature: 4/4 and still an optimist!

slacker: Member

Interests: Cooking, eating, yoga, bicycling, reading fiction. Reluctantly eating fish and shrimp. Currently helping 2 Tibetan monks with their English.

Occupation: physician assistant

Location: Kentucky

Signature: E4/E4

TheresaB: Member

Occupation: Retired

Location: Front Range, CO

Tincup: Member

Location: Front Range, CO