Support Team

Comprised of senior members and of interns from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, our Support Team welcomes new members.

JML: Team Leader

Interests: Traveling, cooking, eating, sewing, yoga, tai chi, theater, friends & family

Occupation: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
Food/culinary consulting

Location: Chicago area

Signature: Julie
Daughter of 4/4
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Certificate for Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches (FMCA)

NF52: Team Leader

Interests: Being a familiar part of our grandchildren’s lives; traveling with my husband, sociology and anthropology non-fiction; Irish and Scottish murder mysteries; support for those with traumatic brain injuries; clinical trials in ApoE 4; exploring Google Scholar rabbit holes on ApoE 4.

Occupation: Retired: former H.S. English teacher, special education administrator, traumatic brain injury project coordinator, and grad student at age 57.
Currently: Well-paid-in-kisses grandmother to a 5 and 8 year old.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Signature: 4/4 and still an optimist!

AKA: Senior Support Member

Interests: Travel, Hiking/Walking, Reading, Learning to eat/cook Keto’ish!, Playing Piano

Occupation: Functional Medicine Health Coach, Nurse, RIM facilitator/trainer, Tai Chi for Health Instructor

Location: Cleveland, OH

CindyM: Intern

Interests: Functional Medicine, Health and Wellness, preventive healthcare, perinatal health, tennis, mountains, being outdoors, skiing, trail running/hiking, yoga, rock climbing, piano, reading, family/friends, volunteering, mountain biking


  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
  • Registered Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner

Location: Denver Colorado area

floramaria: Senior Support Member

Interests: Health and Wellness, Neuroplasticity, Creativity, Organic farming, Sustainable Communities, Nutrition, Positive Psychology , Hiking, Forest Bathing, Qigong and Tai Chi, Ornamental and Medicinal Plants , Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Dancing

Occupation: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
Certified ReCODE Practitioner
Certified Qigong Instructor

Location: Northern New Mexico

Signature: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
IFM/ Bredesen Training in Reversing Cognitive Decline (March 2017)

Jenny BC: Senior Support Member

Interests: Outdoors and Nature, Gardening – food, flowers, medicine
Learning new things and reading – especially medical mysteries
Trying to solve medical mysteries

Occupation:Functional Medicine Health Coach – FMCHC
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Naturopathic Doctor – ND

msdorney: Senior Support Member

Interests: Pilates, Hiking, Gardening, Dogs

Occupation:Functional Medicine Health Coach – FMCHC September 2020
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
FMCA Reversing Cognitive Decline Module Completion
Certified Pilates Instructor

RAJ64: Senior Support Member

Interests: I am a lifelong learner who enjoys organic gardening, outdoor activities in nature, rebounding for fitness, holistic self-care, and whole food cooking including the challenge of cooking for special diets. Sharing love of learning with my grandchildren and being the fun grandma also gives me a lot of pleasure. 😀

Occupation: Registered Nurse (BSN, RN)
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (2019)

Location: Northeast USA

Signature: RAJ64, BSN, RN Intern
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Ro.oconnor: Intern

Interests: Family, volunteering, reading, podcasts, swing dance, photography, positive psychology, porch naps and Peloton. I intend to live as vibrantly and energetically as possible for as long as possible, and my passion is helping others do the same.


  • Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach
  • Former Special Education, Elementary, and Reading Teacher.
  • I’ve been a full time homeschool educator for the past three years.

Location: Wisconsin

Sara: Senior Support Member

Interests: Frolicking with my family, gardening, oil painting, reading, exercising

Occupation: Present… Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Candidate. Past… Administrator and consultant for physician practices and hospitals.

Location: Between PA and FL


Signature: Certified ReCODE Practitioner/Health Coach
MBA, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Supporting loved one diagnosed with AD

SBee: Intern

Interests: Spending time with family and friends; experimenting with new flavors and foods in cooking; communing with nature; and challenging myself with different workout routines!

Occupation: Former nutrition educator in public schools; paraeducator for special needs students in elementary schools; transitioning to Functional Medicine Health Coaching


slacker: Senior Support Member

Interests: Cooking, eating, yoga, bicycling, reading fiction. Reluctantly eating fish and shrimp. Currently helping 2 Tibetan monks with their English.

Occupation: physician assistant

Location: Kentucky

Signature: E4/E4