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NOTE: ApoE4-aware healthcare practitioners are welcome to add their names to this list. You can edit the list directly or email your information to us at practitioner-list@apoe4.info. Appearance on this list does not imply endorsement by ApoE4.Info, Inc. For fuller legal context, check out our Terms of Use. When available, links to the pertinent review topic in the Practitioner Reviews forum are provided.


Affirmative Health's RE:mind Program

Affirmative Health's RE:mind Program educates and empowers individuals and families to take control of their cognitive health. They hold immersion retreats. Their treatment modalities have been drawn from the MEND, Re:CODE, and FINGER studies, but they are not associated with Dr. Bredesen. You can contact them through their website RE:mind/AFFIRMATVhealthor by phone: (855)-949-7364.

Joseph Arulandu, MD; LaPorte, Indiana

Dr. Joseph Arulandu is a board certified internist and lipidologist in LaPorte, Indiana. He is aware that the ApoE4 gene is associated with both cognitive decline and heart disease and is supportive of using a low carb approach to address both. He is not Bredesen-trained and is best used by a highly educated patient who can apply the protocol with little assistance. He is helpful in ordering basic labs (fasting glucose, insulin, hbA1c, CRP, homocysteine, Vitamin D & advanced lipids.) See the review topic for details.

Myrto Angela Ashe, MD; San Rafael, CA

San Rafael, CA. Office address 4340 Redwood Highway, Ste. F-225. (415)-663-6825 http://www.unconventionalmedicine.net Bredesen protocol trained; IFM certified in functional medicine; personally ApoE 3/4.

Sue Bentsen, MS, CN, RN; Seattle, WA

In addition to being a Certified Nutritionist I am also a Registered Nurse which allows me a comprehensive tool kit unlike most nutritionists. With advanced training in functional lab analysis, environmental medicine, and genomic sciences I am certified in Dr. Bredesen's ReCODE protocol to prevent and reverse early stages of cognitive decline and am passionate about promoting better brain health as part of pre-conception planning and across the lifespan. I provide personalized health education via phone consultation. Website: www.recodenutrition.com or email info@recodenutrition.com

Melinda Bower, ND; Seattle, WA

Dr Bower specializes in women's health, auto immune disorders, and cognitive decline. She has advanced training in botanical medicine, functional medicine, and is certified in Dr Bredesen’s RECODE protocol to address early stages of cognitive decline. She sees patients in her office one-on-one at least initially and is available for telemedicine after initial consult. Website: www.drmelindabower.com

Bredesen Protocol: Trained Practitioners in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, Dr. Bredesen is working with Cytoplan to train practitioners to implement the Bredesen Protocol. For preliminary information, see Practitioner-led Alzheimer’s Prevention Programme.

Michelle Eads, MD, ABIHM; Colorado Springs, CO

Dr. Michelle Eads is board certified in family medicine (DABFM) and integrative and holistic medicine (ABIHM), and an Institute for Functional Medicine practitioner with a telemedicine practice exclusively focusing on preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s disease. She is trained and certified by Dr. Bredesen in his ReCODE protocol via IFM and provides videoconference consultations throughout the US in her virtual practice which is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Dr Eads' website

Char Glenn, MD; Portland, Oregon

See the review topic for details.

Erich Goetzel, MD, MA, LAc; Waltham, MA

In 2013, Dr. Goetzel was among the first officially recognized pioneers and graduates of the Institute for Functional Medicine Certification Program. Dr. Goetzel is a Functional Medicine psychiatrist and is also the Medical Director of Eliot Human Services, Inc. (one of Massachusetts' largest social service non-profit agencies with a multidisciplinary staff of 1800 professionals serving over 20,000 adults, children and families each year). He was an early adopter of the Bredesen Protocol and is sought after for his use of the ReCODE program to reverse cognitive decline. Rothfeld Center

Jonathan Goodman, ND; Bristol, CT

In 2017, I completed IFM training in implementing Dr. Bredesen’s protocol. I work with patients face-to-face in my local area, as well as remotely through videoconferencing. drgoodmannd.com

Deborah Gordon, MD; Ashland, Oregon

Deborah Gordon, M.D, is the founder and medical director of Northwest Memory Care, LLC. a practice working to prevent and treat cognitive decline and improve brain health. The physicians at Northwest Memory Care are specifically trained in the area of restoring brain health. Dr. Gordon has had a lifelong—well, since high school!—interest in health and wellness, which she has incorporated in an integrative medical practice in southern Oregon for more than thirty years. She has a strong interest in healthy and adoptable lifestyle choices that impact the appearance or persistence of health problems, with a particular focus in choices that affect cognitive health. After obtaining a degree in English Literature, and a few years “sowing wild oats,” she attended medical school at the prestigious University of California at San Francisco and then went on to the affiliated Family Practice Residency program in Santa Rosa, California, where she served as Chief Resident.

Steven Gundry, MD; Palm Springs, CA

Also advises over the phone. http://www.drgundry.com.

Karn "Raj" Gupta, M.D. MPH; Boston, MA; Lima, Peru, New Delhi, India and telemedicine

Dr Gupta has a medical degree, in addition to a Master's in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health. He has offices in Boston, MA and Lima, Peru and has plans for an office in New Delh, India. iHe works with patients primarily over Skype/phone. He has certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine, having completed the Advanced Clinical Training: Reversing Cognitive Decline (Bredesen Protocol). All new patients are invited to book a 20 minute initial consult with him to discuss their health concerns and goals. Dr. Gupta speaks English, Spanish and Hindi. His website is at https://www.dr-gupta.com/. You can read a forum member's review at Review

Ann Hathaway, M. D. San Rafael, CA

Dr. Hathaway's practice focuses on functional medicine and bio-identical hormones. Her website has extensive information about her practice: https://annhathawaymd.com/ Currently, she is currently accepting ONLY Bredesen Protocol patients for NEW patient appointments. See the forum member review topic for details.

Lesley James, M.D. Rochester, NY

Dr. James practices in Pittsford, NY, a suburb of Rochester. http://www.lesleyjamesmd.com/ Dr. James is currently board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Integrative Medicine and has been in practice since 2002. She is also a certified practitioner through the Institute of Functional Medicine, having completed their coursework in Advanced Clinical Training: Reversing Cognitive Decline (the Bredesen Protocol). She also completed a two-year Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona under Dr. Andrew Weil. Her practice includes CNS Vital Signs (neurocognitive testing). She is also willing to explore clinical trials for patients. Although this is a fee for service practice and does not accept any medical insurance, Health Savings Account (HSA) dollars are accepted and the practice will provide paperwork that can be provided to insurers. You can read a forum member review here forum member review topic.

Randolph James, MD; Colorado Springs, CO

Dr. Randy James is a family practice doctor in the Colorado Springs area, and board certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. He is ApoE4-aware and also knows how to approach major genetic variants such as MTHFR. Although not Bredesen trained, he is aware of the protocol. He is currently a principal investigator on a clinical trial looking at "the impact of a novel functional medicine approach to improving cognitive skills, brain structure, and daily functioning for participants with Mild Cognitive Impairment" in connection with the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research in Colorado Springs. https://truelifemedicine.com/ See the review topic for details.

Lysander Jim, MD; Pasadena, CA

Located in Pasadena, CA, Dr. Lysander Jim specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mold disease (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) with the best available science and clinical practices. He is certified in the Shoemaker protocol and dedicated to practicing with a focus on treating the underlying metabolic disturbances responsible for illness rather than masking symptoms with medications.You can read an original member review here.

John Koziarski, M.D., Battle Creek, MI

Dr. Koziarski is a Board Certified surgeon who previously specialized in vascular surgery. He has moved to a Functional Medicine model of care in his practice, Restorative Health Care: https://www.rhcofmi.com/ He is a certified practitioner in the Institute for Functional Medicine, having completed the "Advanced Clinical Training in Reversing Cognitive Decline", for the Bredesen Protocol. You can read a member review here.

Ian Leupker, ND; Ashland, Oregon

Dr. Ian Luepker, with Northwest Memory Care, LLC, is a naturopathic physician committed to patient and family-centered care that optimizes quality of life by anticipating, preventing and treating suffering. Dr. Luepker takes a whole-person, individualized and systems approach to working with cognitive impairment and dementia. He graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2002 and has extensive experience working in the field of mental health. He has cultivated a special interest in geriatric medicine and dementia using functional medicine to assess and treat cognitive impairment while emphasizing diet and lifestyle. Northwest Memory Care is a practice working to prevent and treat cognitive decline and improve brain health. The physicians at Northwest Memory Care are specifically trained in the area of restoring brain health.

Maria Maricich, DC; Ketchum ID

The Wellness Doctor, 208-726-601
Website www.DrMariaMaricich

Lovera Wolf Miller, MD; Michigan City, Indiana

Located in Michigan City, IN, Dr. Lovera Wolf Miller is board certified and a fellow of The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FACOG) and a Certified Menopause Practitioner by The North American Menopause Society (NCMP). She’s not Bredesen trained, but is aware that the ApoE4 gene is associated with cognitive decline and heart disease and is willing to order any necessary labs related to measuring hormone levels. She’s a strong proponent of bHRT for cognition and overall health. See the review topic for details.

Silvia Panitch, MD; Chicago, IL

My name is Dr Silvia Panitch. I am a board certified internist, functional medicine practitioner and certified by Dr Bredesen in Chicago, Illinois. I use my knowledge of functional medicine to help my patients with cognitive decline. Trying to find the root causes of it is precisely looking at the roof with 36 holes and fixing them one by one. Besides following the protocol carefully, we often use saliva testing for hormones and cortisol levels. Also, measuring neurotransmitters helps a lot for balancing energy, mood, and sleep. Digestive issues are very common and stool testing helps as well. Inflammation in the gut creates inflammation in the brain. Before patients come to us they fill out an extensive questionnaire about their brain health, and we can more precisely identify what part of the brain or function may be more at risk. I am so passionate about brain health as we have so many tools we can use to reverse cognitive decline. You can contact us at 773-525-6595. My website is LakeviewIntegrativeMedicine.com (I am in the process of upgrading my website to reflect our new service to our patients re cognitive decline).

Diane Parks, N.P.; Davidson, NC

Diane completed a two-year program through the prestigious Institute of Functional Medicine and is now a certified functional medicine practitioner. She also has extensively trained and practiced in the Bredesen Protocol. Diane owns and runs her practice called The Well for Health.

Doctors Dallas & Pamela Peak; Indianapolis IN

Drs Dallas and Pamela Peak are both MD’s and Qualified ReCODE Report ™ practitioners, having taken the IFM/Bredesen course summer 2018.

After 25 years in conventional emergency medicine, we transitioned to Functional Medicine utilizing a 1-year training course from the Kresser Institute (Chris Kresser). We are currently studying to gain official IFMCP certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), having attended all of their Advanced Practice Modules in the last year as well. For more information, please go to our website, Indiana Center for Functional Medicine.

Jessica Peña, MD; NY, NY

Dr. Peña is a cardiologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, NY. See Dr. Peña's profile and the review topic for details.

Cambria DeMarco Perry, MSN, ACNP-BC, IFM and Bredesen Practitioner; Encinitas, CA

Ms. Perry is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner whose practice, Functional Medicine Specialists, can be found here: website www.fmscal.com. She specializes in Autoimmune, Neurological conditions and Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics including ADHD and Autism. She has completed Institute for Functional Medicine certification in Advanced Clinical Training: Reversing Cognitive Decline (the Bredesen Protocol) as well as several other IFM courses. The practice has an IFM Certified Wellness coach available for support and a IFM Practitioner for medical and nutritional management. Office Locations in Encinatas at North County Natural Medicine and San Diego at the NAD treatment Center. Cell 760-270-3990, NAD Treatment Center 1-844-623-7587, North County Natural Medicine 1-760-385-8683

Theri Raby, MD; Chicago, IL

The Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern, Chicago, IL.

Dr. Raby is board-certified in internal medicine and is also certified in integrative medicine through the American Board of Holistic Medicine (ABHM). She is a member of the American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians, and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). See the review topic for details.

Rezilir Health; Hollywood, FL and Aventura, FL

Rezilir Health, offices in Hollywood, FL and Aventura FL.

Four physicians who are board certified in conventional medicine, trained in functional medicine, and certified by MPI cognition in the Bredesen protocol. The group has clinicians who are on faculty at Johns Hopkins and the Institute of Functional Medicine. They also have multiple integrative nurse coaches to help with the substantial lifestyle changes needed.

Mary Kay Ross, M.D.; Savannah GA

Dr. Ross has completed intensive training in the Bredesen Protocol and has appeared with Dr. Bredesen. She has a private practice in the Institute for Personalized Medicine.com See the review topic for details.

Julie Rowin, MD; Westchester, IL

Dr. Rowin is Board Certified in Neurology and Neuromuscular Medicine from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She also holds diplomate status with the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She is a graduate from Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and completed her residency and her fellowship at Rush University Medical School. Dr. Rowin’s focus at APAC is on integrative and functional medicine relating to neurological and autoimmune disorders. She specializes in neuromuscular medicine, chronic pain, as well as medical acupuncture for a wide range of chronic conditions. You can find an original member review here. Her office is located in Westchester, IL; contact information here.

Carl Sadowsky, MD; West Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach Neurology, West Palm Beach, FL.

Researcher. Numerous peer-reviewed publications. The same is true of the others in his practice, though no one here has had experience with them yet. As a patient, you will have a chance of participating in research, esp. if you're over 55 (there are some options for those 50–55 as well). A free memory and cognition screening test is given by appointment.

Heather Sandison, ND; Encinitas, CA

Dr. Heather Sandison is a Naturopathic Physician and the founder and medical director of North County Natural Medicine in Encinitas, California. Dr. Sandison focuses on healing and optimizing brain function. She works with patients who struggle with anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, insomnia, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.  Dr. Sandison clinically applies the work and wisdom of experts in the field including Dr. Bill Walsh, Dr. Dale Bredesen, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, and Dr. Neil Nathan. She combines these varied approaches to mental health all in the context of naturopathic medicine - starting with the certainty that each body is capable of health and healing - to guide each of her patients to their highest potential. 

Sunjya Schweig, MD; Berkeley, CA

Dr. Sunjya Schweig is an expert in complex chronic illnesses which require rigorous investigation and management. He specializes in helping patients with Lyme disease and related co-infections. He is board certified in integrative and holistic medicine (ABIHM) and family practice (FAAFP).  He practices in Berkeley, California, and launched the California Center for Functional Medicine (CCFM) with his friend and colleague, Chris Kresser. Dr. Schweig works closely with Dr. Bredesen, is very supportive of his approach, and can order any necessary labs. See the review topic for details.

Scott Sieberg, MD; Vandalia, IL

[1] Scott is a Family Practice MD currently working in Vandalia, Illinois, at the Wellness Complex of Vandalia. As of this date, he is awaiting his IFM certification, is officially certified with the Bredesen Institute, and specializes in the functional medicine approach to cardiometabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases, PANS/PANDAS, and Alzheimer's disease.

Regina Smith, DO; Mechanicsburg, PA

Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, Mechanicsburg, PA.

See Dr. Smith's bio and the review topic for details.

Stephen Stevenson, MD; Lawrence, Kansas

Stephen Stevenson M.D. is a Family Physician practicing Functional Medicine at the Atma Clinic in Lawrence, KS. He is Certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine and has completed the Bredesen Protocol Training through the IFM. He practices the full scope of Functional Medicine with a focus on Alzheimers's Disease. More information is available at atmaclinic.com or by calling 785-760-0695.

Chris Turnpaugh, DC, DACNB; Mechanicsburg, PA

Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, Mechanicsburg, PA.

See Dr. Turnpaugh's bio and the review topic for details.

Michael Zielinski, DO; Brighton, Michigan

I am a Bredesen practitioner and have an office in Brighton, Michigan. I attended Michigan State University College of Osteopathic medicine. I am Board certified in Family medicine. I am Fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine through Dr. Weil's program at the University of Arizona and am a Functional medicine physician. My Mom had Alzheimer's so I am passionate about reversing this disease and helping alleviate suffering. Please call my office for more information 810 588-6181.

Viva Functional Medicine - James Carroll, DC - Bloomingdale, IL

Completed Bredesen protocol training through Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM): Advanced Clinical Training "Reversing Cognitive Decline" Aug 2018. Functional Medicine practice focused exclusively on Reversing Cognitive Decline: Viva Functional Medicine in the beautiful northwest suburbs of Chicago.