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Our Team

Our team is comprised of an all volunteer staff of grassroots APOE-ε4 activists and advocates working together to fulfill our mission statement. Our work would not be possible without their dedication and hard work.

Julie Gregory, Founder / President

Julie (Juliegee) learned that she was an APOE-ε4 homozygote on the cusp of her 50th birthday in 2012. Terrifyingly, she was experiencing symptoms of cognitive decline at the time. In an effort to find support and help, she banded together with other E4 carriers on the 23andMe forums. They soon realized that the medical community was woefully lacking consistent, evidence-based, actionable information for their population. The most frustrating part was the often wildly contradictory advice directed to their community. Along with several other members, Julie founded ApoE4.Info, Inc. in an effort to find answers. Julie is trained as a marriage and family therapist and has focused much of her professional career on helping families; primarily, advocating for children. She’s now using her advocacy skills for the E4 population; connecting researchers and carriers of the allele. Her story, and the story of the group was briefly covered in this CNN article. Julie shared her personal journey, richly interwoven with the history of ApoE4.Info, Inc., at a talk given at The Buck Institute for Research on Aging. She works as a consultant for MPI Cognition advocating for the APOE-ε4 population. Julie lives with her husband (and cat) on the shores of Lake Michigan. They have one grown son on his way to becoming an airline pilot like his dad. 

Susan Jesuroga, Vice President / Moderator

Susan (SusanJ) learned of her APOE-ε4 heterozygote status in 2012 after a new doctor suggested she do genetic testing to better understand some health challenges. Her father had Alzheimer’s disease, and after having witnessed his devastating decline, she wants to do everything in her power to prevent others from experiencing that pain. After 30+ years working at the intersection of science and computer science, she gained strategic planning, supervisory, project management, community liaison, grant writing and budgeting skills. Now retired, she intends to mix her career skills with her lifelong interest in medicine to put medical research into an action. Given the pace of research and understanding the power of computers, she believes we can make a difference in THIS generation. When not deep in PubMed, Susan enjoys photography, painting, playing the piano, bass guitar and singing with the community choir, hiking with her husband and dogs, and learning about the history of the American West. She is currently the president of the local history museum.

Marc Rouleau, Treasurer / Moderator

Born in 1962, Marc (MarcR) is heterozygous for the APOE-ε4 allele. His heterozygous parent, born in 1940, has had heart disease since 1993 and first noticed impaired memory symptoms a decade later. One of Marc’s five children is also heterozygous. Marc is an independent investor who retired from salaried work as an IT executive in the telecommunications industry in 2012. Marc serves on the boards of two other companies. He lives in southwestern Washington State with his wife and daughter and enjoys hiking and backpacking.

“Stavia,” Director / Moderator

Stavia is family physician working in a busy medical practice. She learned she was an APOE-ε4 homozygote in 2014. “I rapidly found that my medical degree left me totally unprepared for this challenge.” Stavia credits the forum for bringing her up to speed on cutting edge prevention strategies for E4 carriers. She describes the community as being comprised of a remarkable collaboration of fine minds and dedicated members. She philosophically prefers to take a position of looking at the big picture and favoring a path of moderation in all things. The strategies she currently employs are keeping BMI healthy, exercising (boxing & weightlifting,) learning to play the piano, working as a physician, prioritizing sleep, practicing mindfulness meditation, social engagement with family and friends, and eating a plant-based whole foods diet with fish to maximize micronutrients. Stavia lives with her husband and two dogs. Her two sons are grown and thriving in their careers.

“Gilgamesh,” Founder / Moderator

Gilgamesh found out he was an APOE-ε4 homozygote around the age of 50. It was a completely unexpected discovery, but it helped explain the increasing frequency of “senior moments” he had begun experiencing at a not so senior age. His frustration with the lack of information about treatment for dementia and the other health problems for which APOE-ε4 carriers are at great risk led to the collaborative founding of the ApoE4 community and website. He firmly believes that with the right level of funding and effort, the dementia, heart disease, and all the problems associated with APOE-ε4 can be prevented or effectively treated within a decade. Gilgamesh teaches in the humanities, and serves on the board of directors of two other non-profits, one of which involves health and aging. In his spare time, he plays in a jazz and rock band, and enjoys hiking and spending time in nature.

“Ski,” Founder

Upon finding out he was an APOE-ε4 homozygote, Ski soon realized that there was a mountain of information out there that needed to be shared collaboratively. A place was also needed where people could find support and comfort among others with similar concerns. Along with the other founders, he contributed his professional skills to build the ApoE4.Info website. As a software developer, Ski is particularly thankful for finding out his APOE status so he could begin utilizing preventative measures early on.

Terry Traver, Resident Hacker

Terry (Teezer) learned of his APOE-ε4 heterozygote status in 2011 after signing up with 23andMe. It was expected, because his father died with AD in 1998. Terry is retired from a career in computer programming, systems design, software development, process engineering, technical writing, and buzzword protocols. He is married to a former Registered Dietitian who feeds him lots of broccoli and thinks that he’s a hypochondriac.