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SupportĀ Team

Comprised of senior members and of interns from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, our Support Team welcomes new members.

Stavia: Team Leader

Interests: Living life one day at a time as best I can.
My family, friends, and as many hobbies as I can fit into my spare time: all forms of science, science fiction, music, boxing, opera, theatre, travel, gardening, gaming and anything else that is fun.

Occupation: Family medicine doctor

ajackson: Intern
CarrieS: Intern
floramaria: Intern

Interests: Health and Wellness, Neuroplasticity, Creativity, Organic farming, Sustainable Communities, Nutrition, Positive Psychology , Hiking, Forest Bathing, Qigong and Tai Chi, Ornamental and Medicinal Plants , Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Dancing

Occupation: Now in training to become a Health Coach because of profound excitement about neuroplasticity in general, and especially preventing and/or reversing cognitive decline in the ApoE4 population. For the past 30 years I have been self-employed as an artist using botanical materials I cultivate on my 3 acre organic farm and gather in the wilderness.

Jan: Intern

Interests: cognition, nutrition, thyroid, depression, Ayurveda, mental health, organization, writing, positive psychology, character strengths, exercise. detoxification, herbal medicine, motivation, zest

Occupation: counselor, teacher, health coach

JML: Intern

Interests: Traveling, cooking, eating, sewing, yoga, tai chi, theater, friends & family

Occupation: Food/culinary consulting and FM Health Coach apprentice

jolicoeur: Intern


Functional Medicine/Nutrition Approach
Neurological, auto-immune and chronic diseases, infertility

Hiking, Via Ferrata, Ski, Strength Training


Functional Medicine Health Coach Candidate – 2017 February Cohort
B.Sc. Biological Sciences – Molecular Biology

Lav55der: Intern
Lucy5: Member

Interests: Love music, biographies, travel, hiking, the Rockies and hanging out with family & friends. Focused on finding balance & staying positive (knowing at times I won’t do either well, and that’s ok); trying to make every day count, while continuing to learn all I can about E4 and how to live in some sort of harmony with our mischievous allele.

Occupation: Financial Management (retired)

Nancy: Member
ru442: Member

Interests: Family, Friends, Technology, and APOE4 Science

Occupation: Over 35 years in the IT Industry, working with Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Also an Entrepreneur, as part of a start up company developing leading edge technology.

Sara: Intern

Interests: Frolicking with my family, gardening, oil painting, reading, exercising

Occupation: Present… Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Candidate. Past… Administrator and consultant for physician practices and hospitals.

slacker: Member

Interests: health optimization to support cognition and quality of life.

Occupation: physician assistant

Starfish77: Member
sylvieJ: Intern

Interests: Nutrition, health, wellness, neuroplasticity, kundalini yoga, beach volleyball, dance, movement and taking bachata dance lessons.

Occupation: Currently enrolled and studying in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Mother of two lovely munchkins.