Our 3rd annual meet-up will piggyback on the LowCarb USA conference in San Diego, CA, August 3-6.

Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

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Re: Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

Postby Starfish77 » Thu May 28, 2015 10:47 pm

I'm never sure if I'm replying under the correct subject. I want to give a big shoutout to JulieG for all her work
on the conference. It was a big success. We learned so much and got to meet such interesting people. It was so great getting to meet the group and the person behind the chosen names. I'm looking forward to any excuse to get together with you all again.

I really feel as if I learned the secret handshake when JulieG and Stavia explained how to find SNPs on 23andme.
It seemed everyone else understood where to find them. I didn't want to ask how they did it. I finally gave up and
asked. Now I need to look back at the old messages to see which SNPs are protective and which ones are adverse.

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Re: Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

Postby karelena » Fri May 29, 2015 12:06 am

I ditto Starfish's shout out to Julie G for the great meet up and all the events for the past 2 days! It was so wonderful to meet everyone who came in person and to openly discuss our genetics and all the very complex issues they present. I think that was the most important part for me. The events and the speakers were all very interesting and thought provoking and I look forward to more discussion about that with all of you, probably on another discussion topic on this site. I am inspired by all of the members who have been part of this forum for so long before I joined and who have researched mounds of papers and brought us together to discuss all the info and all the best options for prevention of AD. You have made a difference in my life and countless others. Thank you.

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Re: Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

Postby circular » Fri May 29, 2015 12:29 pm

Thanks for all you guys are doing! Just thinking of you all there gives me a charge :-)
ApoE 3/4 > Thanks in advance for any responses made to my posts.

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Re: Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

Postby KatieS » Fri May 29, 2015 1:06 pm

Julie did an incredible job with organizing this meet-up. All the presenters had such high regards for Julie; they committed to ongoing communication with this group.

Starfish, don't be too alarmed if you do not have any "protective" genes as my mom doesn't have even one that has been known. Still if you do have some good news, please tell us!

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Re: Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

Postby Juliegee » Fri May 29, 2015 1:40 pm

I only have a second before my plane takes off, but I wanted to quickly thank everyone who made the effort to attend. My heart and head are both bursting. Spending time with my E4 brothers and sisters, learning from the giants in the field, was a life changing experience. I'm so full of gratitude for our presenters and ALL members of our amazing community ❤️

I know everyone who attended will begin sharing what they learned as they are able. I have so much to pass along, but I have a family celebration to attend as soon as I land...that will delay me a bit. I'll begin passing along information ASAP. Cliff Notes version: I have more hope than ever for our population- all good!

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Re: Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

Postby marthaNH » Fri May 29, 2015 9:01 pm

Congratulations, Julie. Have fun with your family and I look forward to hearing all that you've experienced over the last few days. Much gratitude to everyone who helped make this happen.

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Re: Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

Postby Stavia » Fri May 29, 2015 10:16 pm

I have detailed notes too but I am overwhelmed by the amount of information and by the intense deep personal connections we have made. I'm about to get onto a 13 hour flight. I'll detail my views on our discussions when I'm no longer jetlagged.
Love you all xxx

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Re: Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

Postby pgf54 » Sat May 30, 2015 12:12 am

Safe travel wishes for all our E4 ambassadors.........
Don't wait for your ship to come in, row out to meet it.

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Re: Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

Postby GeorgeN » Sat May 30, 2015 7:08 pm

Kudos to Julie to putting together a stellar lineup of fantastic speakers. She also did a spectacular job addressing a packed audience at the Buck, prior to Dr. Bredesen's talk. Also thanks to Julie, not just for the yeoman's work of putting this together, but also for her personal touch that made these connections with these awesome investigators possible. All of these very high-powered researchers were anxious to meet and talk with us, thanks to Julie. Also thanks to Stavia for her personal touch, creating connections on the fly, that will pay many dividends in the future.

Quick notes:

- Julie did a wonderful job on her talk and creating a connection for our group.
- Dr. Bredesen's talk was very much like the one previously linked here that he gave to the California State legislature a few weeks ago.
- There is a handout that I'm sure someone will scan and post here on his tweeks to his protocol (we're on holiday for another week).
- Bredesen told me he's working on a book to tell everyone how to do this on their own- how to order tests & get supplements. No mention of when it might be done.
- One of Bredesen's top associates, Rammohan V Rao, gave us a tour of his lab and described his work. His publications are here: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rammohan_Rao4/publications. Turns out he is also published this paper on Ayurvedic herbs for AD: http://alzres.com/content/4/3/22. He says he's an 3/3, but follows all of the MEND prescriptions, too.

- Dr. Krauss was very interesting but no clear cut guidelines for us. Asked about an appropriate level of LDL-P for us and he said 1,500, 1,200, 1,000 or less might be appropriate, depending on the individual. My opinion is that serial EBT calcium scans https://www.apoe4.info/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1355&hilit=EBT are the best way to answer the heart disease question.

- Drs. Mahley & Huang presented their work. In a nutshell, the neuron expresses ApoE for repair, in response to an insult. It can see the differently shaped 4 protein as a problem and attack it (this can also happen to 3, but much less frequently). As a result there are protein fragments that can build up. Quantities of these fragments are correlated with cognitive decline.
- They are working on a fragment assay
- They are working on molecules to "fix" the shape of the ApoE protein so it won't be attacked. This work as been done in mouse models.
- The body can "clean up" fragments if the clean up mechanisms aren't overwhelmed by new fragments.
- They are working with a venture capital investment group to create a startup to take the testing and molecules to the next step. They are very close to launching. The CEO chosen by the venture group to make this happen, Leon Chen, also addressed us. He is a PhD scientist with a B-School degree who has done this numerous times. He is very impressive.
- Mahley discovered the E4 gene. When asked where is the E1, he said, "that was a mistake, we thought there was an E1, but it turned out to be a glucose saturated E2. There is no E1."
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Re: Itinerary & RSVP for our Bay Area Meet-up

Postby GenePoole0304 » Sat May 30, 2015 7:50 pm

Are you thinking of doing it next year after you recover from all the excitement!

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